Experience Providers

meet the facilitators that will be guiding us through
& joining us for our weekend of transformation & connection.

Our 2019 Bare Fest program is now complete, but you can apply for future SoulPlay events here.

Matt Sturm

Somatic Intimacy Guide


Matt is following a calling to share the path of embodied presence. He offers workshops, coaching, private sessions & guided journeys. He offers support to integrate meditation, yoga, sexuality & ritual into your path of spiritual growth. He teaches hands-on methods for inhabiting our bodies, connecting with the breath, cultivating deep intimacy & tuning in to the universal love within us all. His approach is all about slowing down, bringing awareness into the body & leading from the wisdom of our hearts. He is the Co-founder of Embodied Erotic & former co-leader of Ritual Tantra & Queer Connect communities.

Misha Bonaventura

Mindfulness Communication Facilitator


Misha Bonaventura is the founder of Clearing Conversations, a non-violent communication based conflict resolution practice. She leads the Safety and Consent team for Soul Play Festivals & just joined the new Burning Man mediation team offered to the Burning Man volunteers onsite & throughout the year. She also teaches Communication & Conflict for Navigating Consent with Dossie Easton & her team. She runs Trustable Sluts, a group for sexually free, socially responsible women. She coaches through the lens of nervous system awareness, trauma healing & non-violent communication to build self awareness & trust between people.

Dane Holewinski

Breathwork Facilitator


Dane's purpose & passion is to help people access their full potential & leave a lasting impact on the world. He holds strong, compassionate & attuned space weaving his deep experience in breathwork & personal transformation with his love of creating sound journeys to help you tap into the power of your breath, activate your own healing capacities & access your inner wisdom.

Francoise Ginsberg

Tantra Teacher & Educator


Francoise is a psychologist with a doctorate from the University of Paris in 1980 who's done work as a women's sex counselor. Francoise has been leading tantra classes & private sessions in San Diego for the last 20 years. She has been invited to lead & speak at workshops all over the world in places like Paris France, the Life Expo in Los Angeles, the Life Style Festival in Las Vegas, Hedonism in Jamaica, Harbin Hot Springs in California, Zegg Community in Germany, and many more exciting places. Her main interests these days are education & the sex positive movement.

Lindy James

Tantric Educator & Counselor


Lindy has been counseling individuals & couples for over 20 years & is a certified tantric educator & graduate of the Hakomi Institute of San Francisco. She regularly leads Pujas, trainings & retreats throughout the Bay Area & offers Tantric massage, intensives & hands on healing sessions. Stillness, mindfulness & presence are an integral part of her work. Lindy grew up in Half Moon Bay riding horses since she was 9 years old, a true California girl. She makes her home in Santa Cruz, CA.

JoJo Bear

Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach


JoJo uses many different modalities in his Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching practice to help people explore their relationship to pleasure, whether it be through hypnosis, touch, eye gazing, tantra, movement or stillness. JoJo “Bear” DeRodrigo is a Coach, Sexological Bodyworker, Wheel of Consent Facilitator, Clinical Hypnotherapist & workshop presenter in Berkeley, CA & spends his time between California & New York City.

Shezza Walters

Tantra Teacher & Touch Therapist


Shezza Walters is a Tantra teacher, love coach & embodiment magician. She has a passion for helping people to love all parts of themselves & find freedom within. She combines the spirituality & the sexy in an innovative & fun way. She helps people connect to their own heart, find more pleasure in their bodies, & have more fulfilling intimacy with others while seeing the Divine Beauty in all of life.

Arielle Brown

Intimacy Catalyst


Arielle Brown is an Intimacy Catalyst with a focus on embodied intelligence & transparent communication skills. She supports individuals & couples in creating empowered relationship dynamics that foster self-actualization. She offers comprehensive experiential learning through immersive private coaching, online courses & in-person workshops focused on evolved relating practices, Masculine-Feminine dynamics & the energetics underlying intimacy & connection.

Aurelie Devon

Erotic Embodiment Teacher


Aurelie is a healer, teacher, dancer & transformational soul guide. She has over a decade of experience in personal & spiritual growth. She uses her experience as a Kundalini Dance Facilitator, Reiki practitioner & a certified life coach to help people connect with the essence of life. She believes that movement is medicine and is passionate about helping people experience more energy, bliss, & joy naturally.

Caity Flannagan

Shamanic & Tantric Guide


Caity Flanagan bridges the worlds of love & alchemy together through her practices as a modern day medicine woman, tantric temple arts priestess & somatic embodiment coach. Her combination of tantra, somatic & shamanic practices allows her to move seamlessly between the physical & mystic worlds in service of body, mind, heart & spirit. She deeply believes that everyone can live a fully embodied & purpose driven life.

Michael McDonald

Integrity Coach


Michael is an Integrity Coach, writer & facilitator devoted to bringing more consciousness into leadership & more integrity into transformational work. He works with ‘Quiet Giant’ leaders & entrepreneurs who have an intimate style of relating & wish to be a force for good in the world. He’s the creator of Relational Alchemy, relational practices & metaskills for creating an unusual amount of intimacy between people. “Something awesome is trying to happen, & your job is to allow it."

Ruth Schwartz

Soulful Dating, Love & Sex Coach


Ruth is the author of eight books, including Soul on Earth: A Guide to Living & Loving Your Human Life. She has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, has taught at six colleges, & is a certified Somatica Sex & Intimacy Coach. She also specializes in conscious dating for queer women (through www.consciousgirlfriend.com) & teaches Everyday Shamanism. Ruth is passionate about helping people move through difficult transitions, ignite soul-centered sexuality, & navigate by joy.

Lucid Dawn

Tantrika, Good Witch & Silly Person


Lucid Dawn is a Tantrik yogini, ERYT 1000, practicing since 1994 & teaching since 2004. She is deeply steeped in Non-dual Saiva Tantra philosophy w/ 500+ hours of immersive study. Lucid has over 200 hrs. of therapeutic yoga training, including yoga for cancer & chronic illness. Her background in theatre & performance arts, ceremony & ritual, study of energy medicine, plants & nutrition, neuroscience & communication influence her classes. Lucid is also the creatrix of Nona Fender & the Benders.

James Kapicka

Embodiment Facilitator Yoga Teacher


James Kapicka is an embodiment facilitator, yoga ambassador & Thai massage practitioner with a passion for bringing people together to play, explore & connect. He offers sacred yoga ceremonies intended to facilitate personal growth & collective healing through the unconditionally giving of authentic Self in a way that supports innocence, curiosity & expression. James creates an environment that empowers students to embody their integrity, trust their intuition & listen to their heart.

Greg Rickman

Leadership Coach


Sober since 2003, Greg has explored many healing modalities, including: cognitive-behavioral psychology, Landmark, 12-steps, T-Group, NVC, co-counseling, meditation, breathwork, tantra, HAI & dance. In 2018, he founded New Man Rising, a men’s group dedicated to practicing mindfulness, embodiment, spirituality, emotional intelligence & conscious sexuality. In 2019, he joined Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership to earn an Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching.

Sierra Wagner

Responsible Hedonist & Yogi


Sierra's heart-felt intention is to develop her clients’ potential & help them to experience greater confidence & contentment. She is always looking for ways to facilitate learning, whether it means stimulating new ways of thinking or simply creating the container for clients to find their own best practices. She enjoys studying & sharing pleasurable group dynamics & movement practices with the idea that everyone is perfect & fun is the goal.

DJ Dane

Booty-Shakin' Beats Master


DJ Dane is known for creating musical journeys that make people move and celebrate the full spectrum of being alive. You'll find him with a smile creating awesome at clubs, undergrounds, renegades and festivals in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Burning Man and beyond. He is a resident DJ of the Dusty Rhino.

DJ Leapin' Lygress

Audio Alchemy Curator


Eva Leapin' Lygress has been moving & groovin' to music since she was a wee cub. She discovered Ecstatic dance & the power of music & movement in community as a tool to create shifts in perspectives on the soul's struggles, while holding intentional space for others to do the same. She loves her job of curating audio alchemy to suit the mood of the meowment & evoke free expression.

Love Eternal

Live Music with Love Eternal


Erupting out of the jungle and flowing from the beach to the rest of the world comes Hawaii’s own Love Eternal. This roots reggae and soul rock band perfectly energizes musical movement with the power of their righteous message. Love Eternal enlists their music as a vehicle for conscious change. Uniting infectious rhythms with unique melodies and harmonies played from the heart, they deliver a compelling voice of peace, love, and world community.

Looking forward to seeing you BARE!


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