Celebrate the close of summer with our beautiful community in nature.

Join us for this soulful gathering of Connection, Creativity and Play.

SoulPlay brings you world-class workshops, blissful dance, inspiring music (live & DJs), invigorating yoga & meditation, delicious food, & relaxing pool time, and tantalizing surroundings. 

We also invite families with children, so that everyone can enjoy heart-opening connections, inner healing, and a whole lot of of fun.

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You are Not Alone.


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and it's soooo good.

Carpool to FallFest!

Meet new friends AND save the environment!

New Beautiful Venue - Mandala Springs Wellness Retreat Center



Dance and Movement Workshops

"Biodanza: A Path to Ecstasy"
by Zora Coeur de Roy
Experience authentic relationship with yourself and others and open your heart to fully embrace life. Through dance and movement discover the best of yourself, others and life! This workshop will be an invitation to explore how you move on the dance floor and how you move through life. You will learn to listen and act on the wisdom of your physical and emotional body. You will have fun and be playful, and build your capacity for love, confidence, and brilliance.

Wisdom Sharing

"Inspiring Intimacy & Empathy through Human Design"
by Kevin Asher Eyanu
Come ready to get new insights into yourself and new tools to explore your relationships. Human Design offers very clear maps to understand who we really are, as well as who we are not. We will learn to see exactly how get seduced into operating our body on the energy from other people and our environment, instead of the energy that is always naturally within us. Perhaps the juiciest part is that you will learn to use these tools to gain insights into the dynamics of any relationship.

Touch & Sensuality Workshops

"Platonic Playground"
by Gina Zappia
Expressing through the heart transcends all! Platonic Playground is an collective healing experience, accessing our inner healers through play. We will be exploring methods of connecting through expressive movement, contact improv, massage, cuddling, hugs, and many surprises. All the best things in life!

Intimacy & Communication Workshops

"Belly2Belly: Mindful Massage"
by David Cates

Learn how to communicate directly with the muscles, cells & central nervous system & really listen when they answer. Receive simple moves to bring heart & body, giver & receiver, into full trust & harmony. This fully clothed, experiential workshop is for all levels & ages, from amateur to professional. We’re not learning massage strokes or anatomy. We practice the secrets for amazing connection, breath by breath, so your skills, whatever their level, can be fully given & received.

Live Music & DJs

J Brave
Shylah Ray Sunshine
Colin Martin
Papa Bear
Orenda Blu
DJ Dakini

Inner World Workshops

"Clarity Breathwork: Sacred Breath & Embodiment"
by Ashanna Solaris
Clarity Breathwork has been opening hearts and liberating lives around the planet! Come and breathe in your aliveness, reconnect to your essence, heal wounds of separation and fear, forgive yourself and others, let go of what you have carried and open to receive all the blessings & gifts that life has for you! The breath is the bridge to your Spirit. When we breathe consciously and fully, miracles happen. With ritual, movement, dyad process and the profound practice of Clarity Breathwork.


Mandala Springs Wellness Retreat CenterLocated just 2 1/2 hours north of the Bay Area in Lake County, Mandala Springs is a brand new retreat center dedicated to providing a sacred and tranquil environment for individuals and groups to experience the interconnection of nature and spirit while enhancing their own practices.
Its sacred and tranquil environment comes with a pool, pond, creek, meditation garden and mountain landscapes.
Located at 14117 Bottle Rock Rd, Cobb, CA 95426.


Friendly, unpretentious, inclusive, playful, awesome experience. Being under the trees was so awesome.

Catherine Rose

An open hearted community provides a welcome space in which to cultivate compassion and joy.

2017 Attendee
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Incredible combo of workshops, music and people.

2017 Attendee

It really was a fertile ground of love, acceptance, inclusivness...it opened up my heart in every way...healing old wounds i didn't even know I needed healing. It was my first festival, my first time being naked in public...and I loved it all...it really felt like i had found my tribe. I'm so happy I found you and you've given me hope for humanity!

Stella Cheung
2017 Attendee

It was my first festival EVER!..and what a great one to pick to pop my festival cherry :) i really didn't know what to expect but was open to new experiences and boy was I in for the most delicious treat EVERRRRRR. I have nothing to compare it to, but I'm glad it wasn't too crowded or else i think it might have felt overwhelming. But because it was intimate enough, i felt like i could really make heart to heart, meaningful connections. I felt welcomed, included, and SO SO LOVED. Thank you :)

2017 Attendee

I dove into a completely unknown community at SoulPlay and got to have an experience of love and trust in myself and in others that I have looked for my whole life. I went in, not just a stranger to everyone else there but also to some parts of myself. I left with friendships that I will cherish the rest of my life and just as importantly, got to know myself better and grow in trust to parts of myself that have not always been welcomed in this world.

Bill St.Cyr
2017 Attendee

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September 19th - 22nd 2019 | Cobb, CA