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Naughty Princess

Naughty Princess has had a lifelong passion for dance music & started DJing in 2016. Very quickly, she became notorious for her ability to blend orchestral sounds & Eastern elements with the fattest urban beats & bass drops! Her sound is diverse yet distinctive - evocative female vocals soar over rumbling 808s, violins build, crescendo & drop into gangsta beats, delicate sitar leads blend into searing electronic riffs which soon have the dance floor heaving! She is passionate about empowering women in a male-dominated music industry, and girls in particular are excited to see a female DJ who can bring beautiful and feminine sounds into the scene while still throwing down a headliner set! Her goal is to create that magical experience where people really let loose, express themselves & dance their heart out!


Eclectic, eccentric & fun are some words that describe KR3TURE, a multi-instrumentalist & producer from Santa Cruz, CA. By blending live instruments & creative electronic production, KR3TURE makes powerful & emotive music that is positive, gritty & fresh. He creates his own signature sound of bass music that is soulful, sexy & sublime, making bodies move & spirits lift. During live sets, he improvises on instruments like guitar, sax, flutes & harmonicas & keeps audiences on their toes.

Priscilla Momah

Priscilla Momah is an independent soulful song weaver originally from Minnesota. She Recently moved to Austin from the Big Island of Hawaii. Priscilla bringing unique textures of Soul, R&B & Hip Hop that cultivates self-love through, songs, mantras & poetry that uplifts & empowers her audience. Her lyrics capture the real-life experience of a young black queen growing, learning & embodying her true essence as she takes her place on the throne.


Tyler (Avani) first started "DJing" by making mix tapes as a youngster, weaving in messages through song lyrics to convey the desired meaning & emotion through each side of the tape. He delights in sharing New Music, & he collects Songs from every Genre, Tempo, Emotion, & Intensity. Avani's music is crafted for a journey into conscious movement, connecting with self and other, as both as a wild & playful celebration, & as healing Shamanic experience & therapy. His music style can be called eclectic, eccentric, sometimes even ecstatic. He plays every emotion, tempo & genre possible to produce a journey of sound for the embodied spirit to experience itself. Avani appreciates both the sacred & the profane… the spiritual & the sexual. Come take a ride, through the chakras, around the globe, from the ancient past through the distant future, arriving & enjoying, the right here & now.

Honey of the Heart

Honey of the Heart is an ambrosial mix of musical interpretations influenced by folk, soul, jazz & world/flamenco influences, created in a collective & organic manner. Fronted by Justin Ancheta & Maren Metke, their style is described as Folk, Soul, World, Roots, fusion with rich harmonies & powerful vocals. This versatile, inspiring duo, often backed by their dynamic & talented band, weaves together soaring, rich vocals & melodies, haunting, epic, harmonies, contagious polyrhythms infused with deep, soulful, intimate presence, message & skill to sweeten the hearts of all who listen.

DJ Mai Girl

DJ Mai Girl started her love affair with music the first time her mother played her Stevie Wonder's "Another Star". Life would never be the same. In the years to follow, she familiarized herself with more genres of music, including underground hip hop, pop, alternative, old school, electronic, Latin rhythms. While spinning these genres for ten years on public radio (on and off), she finessed her way into spinning for live events. DJ Mai Girl plays at fundraisers, private events and weddings all over the San Francisco and South Bay areas. She consistently plays one MJ, Stevie, or Prince song every set to remind herself of why she started DJing in the first place. Her unique blend of genres & hand-picked selections keep people moving all night.

Colin Martin

Both on stange and off, Colin uses the tool of music as a way to inspire the best out of everyone. Specifically his "mission" in life is to encourage the inherent musical spirit out of all people. He continuously works toward this measure throuogh the deliverance of his song lyrics, his "Calling You Home" writing workshops, his private music eduation sessions & his unique style of one-on-one mentorship which relates life & our experiece of it through the lens of music & vibration. Colin will be sharing his voice & the sweet sounds of his acoustic guitar in a late night love song sound bath.


Kena is a powerful female producer & musician duo based in Los Angeles. Multi instrumentalists Adrienne "AeB" Byrne and Luna Achiary unite forces to create dynamic sets, rooted in deep house, future bass, electro pop & world music. By combining synthesizers, flute, handpans, guitars, drum machines, thumb piano & vocal psychedelic loops, Kena is on a quest to enchant the world, filling the gap between human & the machine. They are reminiscent of Odezsa, Bjork, Bonobo & Radiohead & will be sharing their sweet sensual soulful sounds.


Cornflower’s sound emerges from the moment connecting you to your Soul. His voice calls us deeper into Presence utilizing modern mantra-like lyrics upon a landscape of vocal loops, he builds layers and dimensions of harmony and groove like sonic lasagne into an anthemic chant to set your body ablaze in movement and prayer. Cornflower’s music is a mix of experimental vocal soul, world-funk, jam & electronica layered over a delicate balance of structure and improvisation. After his debut album “Journey Into Sound” in 2009, culled from improvisational performances, his newest studio singles, “You Are The Medicine” featuring Indubious & “Monks on Main Street” are his most focused and potent material to date.

DJ Maya Light

Maya Light loves to dive into the depths of connection & expression through the unique a&nd captivating conversation that is awakened on the dance floor. She plays as a director of the human experience, an instigator of diverse inquiry, offering countless pathways & possibilities of movement through the range of music she shares. Drawn to deliciously wompy, heart-bass world beats, she encourages a rich exploration with a dynamically nourishing & inspiring journey of sound. Arrive, re-discover your curiosity, & allow the music to deeply touch & move you. Let what is flowing through your body & soul be fully expressed.



Gabrielle is a Midwest traveling babe that has been exploring the world for over 10 years. She has a love for newness, connection, communication, health & wellness, music, boxing, different languages, salsa dancing, cooking, the outdoors & so much more! She is a total down to earth sweetheart & a heart centered vocalist with a beautiful rich tone. Whether you can hear the words of the songs or not you will receive the emotion, message & story through the wonderful sound vibration. Her style is a singer-songwriter vibe with some bluesy/ jazzy/ alternative feels.


Lah Falkn

Lele has been performing as a singer-songwriter & musician for over 10 years. In 2016, she set out to embody creative sovereignty with her solo project "Lah Falkn", composing, producing, & performing intricately layered compositions with a vocal loop pedal. Drawing on eclectic & intensive musical studies, her songs include elements of North Indian Raga, Balkan 'Romani', Western Classical Opera, Zimbabwean, Blues & Jazz, & are influenced by song lineages of North & South Americas. Her dedication to drawing from the emotional seas of consciousness, expanding & opening the portals to channel ancestral wisdom & totemic archetypes. Lyrics & poetry are woven in various ways, using vocal looping, intricate harmonies, beat boxing & "beat-breathing." One is invited into multidimensional worlds of emotional alchemy, into heart-healing, inspired guidance. . . & devotion to the Beloved Mystery.

Jacob Marshall

Jacob is a raw, original, soulful, innovative artist. He blends live instruments guitars, crystal oscillators, hungs (similar to a steal drum) with hip hop, jazz, ambient, electronica, funk, soul, world fusion, creating a relaxing euphoric & uplifting sound. He also touches on key collective issues meant to empower, inspire, & revitalize us individually & collectively. He will be sharing a mostly an acoustic set, full of original tunes setting a relaxing ambient vibe.

Hannah Leigh

Hanna Leigh is a songwriter & community song leader, inspired by discovering melodies for the ineffable beauty & mystery of Life. As a song leader, she is passionate about the healing & joy that come when we vibrate together in group song. She loves holding circles that weave depth & light-heartedness, creating a safe place to share our voices & be deeply nourished by the experience.

Chad Wilikins

Mystic Minstrel, Chad Wilkins, is an American/Australian singer-songwriter bringing heart-songs that reveal a better way for a generation in transitional times on our planet! From his lively, progressive grooves, to his deeply prayerful chants, spanning many genres, Chad’s rootsy folk anthems carry themes of love, gratitude, risk, honor, & pure vibrant LIFE(!) – giving voice to our cry for spiritual transformation, harmony with the Earth, & hope for a bright future.

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