Elephants Now & The Ganesha Project

Saving Elephants through Coexistence and Sustainable Community Management. is a group of impassioned individuals, including volunteer filmmakers, veterinarians, wildlife biologist, naturalists and sustainable scientists. They are monitoring the plight of this endangered species and working as a liaison between farmers, villagers, DWC, local conservationists and veterinarians to develop sustainable management practices.They provides a platform for this diverse group to apply their unique skill sets, and through collaborative spirit, they are empowered to improve the welfare of elephants by empowering the communities that live alongside of them with the awareness and tools to do so. The Ganesha Project is an international beacon for asian elephant education weaving spirit and science through film, trainings and outreach. They will be sharing their knowledge, raising funds for conservation and selling wares for the people they work with in South East Asia, with all profits going back to the garment-makers.


Om Gaia Tree

Consciously Comfortable Clothing.

For over ten years, Om Gaia Tree has been creating consciously comfortable, funk-tional, festival wear and daily wear for both men and women. They carry unique and refined original designs, handcrafted ethically, to meet your expressive and utilitarian needs. From Pants and Shorts to Tanks and Dresses - there is something for everyone, even down to the undies!! Perfect for active lifestyle, dance and movement, and casual wear. Om Gaia Tree is iconic, their designs give you that festival feeling, no matter where you are. When festival season seems long off, you can adorn thyself in OGT and fest feels just a little bit closer. It's Clothing as Mantra!


Queen of Hearts Clothing

Movement Inspired, Natural Fiber Clothing.

Queen of Hearst Clothing offers movement inspired, natural fiber clothing to fit your dance and yoga lifestyle! Our clothing is feminine, elegant & fun to wear. For the last 20 years Owner/Designer 'Sujatiya' Bridget Lindsay has been working together with a family owned & operated cottage industry in Bali producing & refining her original designs. Every piece is infused with love & made with intention. Please come play dress up with us! We look forward to meeting you. May you dance your dreams and walk in beauty!


Phoenix Rising

Amplify Your Spirit and Unique Expression.

Phoenix Rising Designs is a husband and wife duo who produce a line of clothing and accessories in Bali, Indonesia where they live for 6 months of every year. They have been working with the same families since 2001 and are very conscious about fair trade practices and keeping their impact on the environment as minimal as possible. They work with Natural and Certified Organic material to bring you clothing that amplifies your spirit and unique expression of individuality.


The Body Lever

Handcrafted, Wooden Massage Instruments.

The Body Lever enhances your ability to apply self massage, the amplified power of this tool will change the way you think about self care. This handcrafted, wooden massage instrument can be used easily at home or on the go. Utilizing the power of the body’s own leverage this tool has some easy and effective therapeutic techniques will get you relief when and where you need it.


Asana Foods

Hand-Crafted Supertasty Superfoods

Asana Foods serves Açaí bowls and shakes along with hand-crafted organic granola, almond butter, cacao and regional honey. They have amazing breakfast bowls, avocado toast and kitchari. Their ingredients are non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, sourced locally and mostly organic.



Healthy, Deliscious, Ethical Food

Bite is a San Diego born farmers market based caterer. They use healthy ingredients which are local and sustainable with a low glycemic load and knock-out zesty flavor. Their food is vegan, gluten-free and delicious!


India Gourmet

Welcome to the World of Delicious Indian food!

India Gourmet serves vegan, vegetarian, organic and gluten free choices from delicious sourced ingredients from local markets and individual farmers. Since 2007 they have served their incredible north India cuisine at farmers markets and events including samosas, paneer, chana masala, korma, naan bread, basmati rice, darjeeling chai tea and mango lassi.


Will you join us?

September 19th - 22nd 2019 | Cobb, CA