2019 Musical Lineup

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Eclectic, eccentric & fun are some words that describe KR3TURE, a multi-instrumentalist & producer from Santa Cruz, CA. By blending live instruments & creative electronic production, KR3TURE makes powerful & emotive music that is positive, gritty & fresh. He creates his own signature sound of bass music that is soulful, sexy & sublime, making bodies move & spirits lift. During live sets, he improvises on instruments like guitar, sax, flutes & harmonicas & keeps audiences on their toes.

Colin Martin

Both on stange and off, Colin uses the tool of music as a way to inspire the best out of everyone. Specifically his "mission" in life is to encourage the inherent musical spirit out of all people. He continuously works toward this measure throuogh the deliverance of his song lyrics, his "Calling You Home" writing workshops, his private music eduation sessions & his unique style of one-on-one mentorship which relates life & our experiece of it through the lens of music & vibration. Colin will be sharing his voice & the sweet sounds of his acoustic guitar in a late night love song sound bath.