2019 Musical Lineup

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As a live musician, world soul artist and one-man orchestra, Poranguí weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe. Creating his performances from scratch using looping technology, Poranguí’s live grooves range from meditative to dance party, moving the body, lifting the spirit, and transcending the divide between performer and audience. An evening with Poranguí might take you on a journey from deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves to high-vibe ecstatic Brazilian beats to blissful African kalimba lullabies.

Mikey Pauker

Mikey Pauker is a folk/world artist from Berkeley, California. Mikey blends elements of folk, reggae and hip-hop into his devotional songwriting. His new album, ASCENSION was recorded in raw, live instrumental sessions, under the guidance of Grammy-nominated producer Warren Huart. His “RISE Vulnerable Rally” music video swept the world, touching the hearts of over 1 million viewers this past year. He has shared the stage with The Polish Ambassador, Matisyahu, Mike Love, Yaima and more. Join Mikey Pauker for a powerful and uplifting musical journey blending ceremony and performance. During this sacred and playful offering we invite you to be fully self expressed as we weave colorful song to open the heart!



Rainforest soul meets Afro-Latin groove: Yemanjo brings the ancient concept of music as medicine into the 21st century. He's blends Andean shamanic melodies and Afro-Latin percussion with a dose of global bass. A lifetime student, traveler, and musical omnivore navigating the global oceans of sound and culture. Yemanjo is a DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer and will be taking the SoulPlay community on a musical sound journey with a live music and ecstatic dance set.


Eclectic, eccentric & fun are some words that describe KR3TURE, a multi-instrumentalist & producer from Santa Cruz, CA. By blending live instruments & creative electronic production, KR3TURE makes powerful & emotive music that is positive, gritty & fresh. He creates his own signature sound of bass music that is soulful, sexy & sublime, making bodies move & spirits lift. During live sets, he improvises on instruments like guitar, sax, flutes & harmonicas & keeps audiences on their toes.

Shylah Ray Sunshine

Shylah Ray is an award-nominated & influential vocalist, musician, mother & activist. Originally native Canadian, her music rooted in California. She began writing inspirational music & developing her career in Los Angeles after the birth of her first child. Self-taught vocally & on piano, Shylah has inspired people all over the world through the delivery of her powerful voice & moving lyrics. She is also a Doula & Soul Voice Singing empowerment coach, touring the country with a new album underway.


Jay and Imani of Ok2Change are two friends who met in 2009 working on a fundraising campaign for human rights. Both share the same sense of humor & passion for activism & music. They seek to change the world through their unique & catchy blend of folk & hip hop music. Based on the Big Island of Hawii, they're on a musical mission of healing & fun. With years of musical experience, hours of original material, catchy rhymes & beats to make you dance, Ok2Change is rising rapidly in the wake of hard work, dedication & pure love of music.

Colin Martin

Both on stange and off, Colin uses the tool of music as a way to inspire the best out of everyone. Specifically his "mission" in life is to encourage the inherent musical spirit out of all people. He continuously works toward this measure throuogh the deliverance of his song lyrics, his "Calling You Home" writing workshops, his private music eduation sessions & his unique style of one-on-one mentorship which relates life & our experiece of it through the lens of music & vibration. Colin will be sharing his voice & the sweet sounds of his acoustic guitar in a late night love song sound bath.

Laughing Lady Love

Laughing Love/Kellie Taylor is a Soul Entertainer, Performance Healing Artist, Playshop facilitator who lives to learn, play, connect, express & empower. Her sessions, playshops, performances & retreats help to catalyze emotional, energetic, & expressive alchemy, bringing us deeper into the reverence, development, & knowing of a fuller self. Laughing Lady Love, Kellie Taylor is a performance healing artist & soul entertainer; weaving prayer, comedy, & mystical poetry into soulful, genre blending, interactive musical experiences for inspiration, activation & empowerment. 


Belgian-Congolese singer-songwriter Leki started her career at the early age of twelve. As a hiphop/r&b artist she released records, performed with her band, won awards and for 15 years she also worked as a TV and radio host. Everything seemed to be running smoothly until cerebral malaria, an overfilled schedule, emotional challenges and a very busy mind paved the way for a major burnout. After a forced stop of over 3 years, to do some serious shadow work and deep cleansing, she realized how this “dark night of the soul” experience was a blessing. She now walks on the path of simple authenticity, sharing from heart to heart the insights she gained on her journey: life is about (self)LOVE! Leki and her guitar bringing you urban acoustic vibes at soulplay….


Founder & resident DJ of Ecstatic Dance Foothills, EarthDancer has been facilitating sacred movement journeys since 2015. She currently resides in the Sierra Foothills of California where she is co-creating a spiritual community & retreat center. EarthDancer is an artist of ambiance, adorning ritual & sacred spaces with intention & beauty. A full-time lover of life & sunshine, dancing with the earth, sun, moon & stars. EarthDancer weaves her love for shamanic heart-centered music styles with bassy beats for an experience that will leave your heart wide open & your booty in the flow. Drawing on influences from the earth, the elements & astrological alignments, her musical tapestries evoke connection to the roots of our sacredness. Ritual is woven into each aspect of her sonic soundscapes, taking dancers on a journey to remember their connection to spirit; above, below & within.