Our Philosophy

SoulPlay creates environments that encourage people to come together, expand and grow, and experience bliss. In order to expand and grow, people need to get out of their comfort zone and take risks. We believe, if we are inviting our participants to take risks we must prioritize creating a safer space for everyone. 

We do this through our three pillars of safer space: Presence, Choice, and Support. 

Presence means that people are aware of their actions and the impact they have on others. This is why we encourage people to refrain from using any mind-altering substances. We also encourage people to continuously reflect on their actions, thus creating more awareness and intentionality. When all people are really present, it allows people to explore their edge in a safe and constructive way. 

Choice is the basis of consensual interactions. We believe that expanding your comfort zone and taking risks should be your choice and we provide reminders and education throughout our events.

Support is provided through our SoulSupport team on-site at every major event. SoulSupport are peer counselors ready to offer a listening ear, a nurturing hug, or intervene if necessary.

The SoulPlay Guide to
Playful Times

How to Cultivate a Yes Culture

Get curious & clear

Asking for a hug BEFORE hugging is awesome. Saying “I like you and I’d like to get to know you” is hot.
Asking “What are you up for?” is even hotter.
Finding out what level of play the person is up for BEFORE engaging is awesome.

Listen for the “Oh Yes”!

Yes means yes, everything else means no or time to clarify.
Not doing anything until you hear, see, and feel a “YES!” is how we do it at SoulPlay.

The only constant is change

Just because someone says yes once doesn’t mean they’ll say it again. Changing one’s mind in the middle is totally valid. Saying “Thank you for taking care of yourself” when they say “no” will blow them away.

Avoid regrets

Want to avoid regrets? Listen for the “no”, the “maybe”, the “I’m not sure inside yourself and with your partner. Some people have a hard time reading body language, use your words. If you want to stop, saying “stop” is often a good way... that’s a good time to stop and check-in.

Ooops...I overstepped a boundary

Sometimes it happens. Much of the time it’s by mistake. Whether it’s doing something to someone or having our boundaries crossed it never feels good. Following-up and clearing the air is the best.

The possibilities are endless

Just because one thing can’t happen doesn’t mean something else is out. Hitting a bump is a call for creativity. “I’m not up for that, but I’d be into…” is skillful negotiating.

Honesty is the best policy

Being truthful about your relationship status, your availability, and your sexual habits are the foundation of being a SoulPlay rockstar.

Check-in at the end

Having a clear closing is key to keeping your loves feeling cared for and respected. Honor them to the end and thank them for sharing themselves with you.

SoulSupport can help

When you attend SoulPlay events, look for the SoulSupport Team if you need emotional support, have questions, want to hear how to be smooth in your consent talk or need HELP.

See something that needs attention?

If you see or experience behavior that is inappropriate or out of line at SoulPlay events, please tell the SoulSupport Team or SoulStaff. We like to catch consent breaks early and often so we can prevent further issues.
SoulPlay is a playful place for connection, growth, & joy. However, not everyone will want to play with you. That’s okay. Here are our SoulPlay rules of etiquette so everyone feels at choice.

Talk to each other and get explicit consent before engaging in playful activities.

“Yes” means yes. Assume everything else means no. Hesitation or “maybe” means “no” or there’s something to clarify (see “yes” means yes). Ask questions, talk, make a counter offer.
A “yes” once does not mean “yes” in the future. Don’t make assumptions.

Want an interaction to end but you don’t know what to say? Our universal word is STOP.

If someone says STOP to you, that means play ends immediately. If you can, talk about what just happened so it doesn’t happen again. If you don’t feel comfortable talking, the SoulSupport team is here to help.
See the SoulSupport team (located in the main space near the info booth and with glowing green bands) if you need emotional support, have questions, want to learn how to be smooth in your consent talk, or need HELP.

If you see or experience behavior that is inappropriate or out of line please tell the  SoulSupport Team or SoulStaff. We like to catch consent breaks early and often so we can prevent more traumatic violations. (examples: lack of sobriety, you feel unsafe, you’ve said STOP more than once.)

Our Approach

We infuse our entire event with consent education. From the moment you enter to the times when you attend workshops you will hear about our consent culture again and again. Our entire event is an education in consent.

Just because you’re at a party doesn’t mean you’re having fun. Sometimes hard things come up and we’re here for you. The SoulSupport Team is there for our participants to process, hug, show you around.

Our policies are the backbone of our festival. When things go wrong these are what we fall back on. Our values of transformative justice, transparency, and accountability.
We also make it easy for those harmed to report to the producers through the incident reporting form. The person reporting is in charge of what happens whenever a report is filed. No incident is too small to report.

Incident Reporting

At Soul Play we take safety seriously and we know not all issues can or should be dealt with in the moment. That’s why we have the Incident Report. Please use this form to report any small or large issue.


SoulPlay offers emotional support teams during every festival. The emotional support team is there to support your experience as we understand the workshops and interpersonal experiences can bring up difficult feelings. Please feel free to use the SoulSupport services while at our events.

Will you join us?

June 9-12, 2022 in Cobb, California