Healing Sanctuary

You'll have the chance to nourish more than your soul at this year's SoulPlay Festival. Whether you want a moment of relaxation, a clear mind, reduction in muscle tension or relief from pain, body work can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. Take the time to treat yourself right! These amazing healers will be available for body work appointments throughout the event. Their services cover a wide range of healing modalities to help you feel ecstatically nourished and taken care of!

Sessions can be booked at the Information Booth during the festival.

Russ Scott Soul


Thai, Trigger Point & Myofacial Release, Abdominal Therapy & Deep Tissue

Russ is a compassionate & attentive Body & Soul therapist that practices multiple effective modalities to optimize your wellbeing & bliss. With deep presence, skill & awareness he creates a distinctive & dynamic session that helps you tune deeper into your body’s intelligence. When full awareness is restored to the body, your physical & energy systems work in harmony with your Soul – & this is where the magic happens.

Russ works on a comfortable mat grounded on the Earth so is able to dance your body with more dimension & depth. Each session is unique to your needs & desires. Russ is masterful in both working deep as well as gentle. He utilizes a unique vibrational technology to reduce & eliminate body pain. You should expect a journey into yourself where you feel safe, fully relaxed & receptive. You are supported to feel deep into sensation & release into a state of profound bliss.

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Gina Zappia


Thai Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Myofascial, NMT

Gina Zappia is a fun loving creature interested in tasting all life has to offer. She is a trained dancer, yogini since 1994 (teaching since 2003) in multiple styles & forms of yoga, massage therapist since 2005 in various modalities, & super anatomy nerd. Gina combines her love of moving through the physical with intuitive flair, where spirit becomes material. Recently, she has been branching out combining breathwork, meditation, yoga therapy & conditioning, Qi Gong & more.

Monkey Thai Bodywork facilitates in unwinding the restricted areas of the body through an intuitive journey coupled with multi-layered techniques. Working with the rhythms of body, in particular the breath, to unleash twisted & stuck patterns in the physical & energetic bodies. Massages are done clothed & on the floor for stretching & moving the body, creating more space & greater freedom in the tissues.

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Selysa Love


Reiki Healing, Aromatouch Technique & Thai Massage

Selysa Love is a passionate healer who is on a heart quest mission to spread love into this world. She runs a healing clinic in Sacramento, where she helps people open to the blissful peace & love they innately carry inside. She creates a safe space to unlearn patters of anxiety & stress, allowing you easily find peace. Selysa weaves ancient practices with practical wisdom to create an atmosphere for physical, emotional & spiritual growth.

In a reiki healing session, the recipient lays on their back & relaxes deeply while Selysa lays her hands on you body & reflexology points, sending healing & love. You'll step into your power as your own healer, channeling your own transformation. In an aroma touch session, you'll lay face down while Selysa applies essential oils to the spine. The oils go directly to the nervous system with the goal of reducing stress, reducing inflammation, & ultimately returning the body to homeostasis.

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Sunny Bhat


Biodynamic CranioSacral Osteopathy

Dr. Sunny Bhat practices Traditional Osteopathy & teaches Yoga in the Bay. His style of Osteopathy is a foundational spiritual healing that bridges the gaps to encompass eastern & western, physical & energetic, wellness & illness based constructs of the human condition. Using the Primary Unity of Health, he interacts with the complex neuro-endocrine-immune system directly through the musculoskeletal system, amplifying the energetic & astral bodies to fully express their true nature

Dr. Sunny's work synchronizes the physical, mental & astral planes through guided breath & body work. His patients describe his Osteopathic Manipulation as subtle, sensitive & energetic work. He uses firm & precise pressure to release deep structures such as spinal ligaments, deep hip flexors, visceral organs & nerves, leaving the body in a very relaxed & receptive state. By using pranayama, you will gain access to ongoing releases to achieve a nice subtle body integration.

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Dr. Kirsten Mackey


Osteopathic Psychokinesiology

Dr. Kirsten Mackey is a board-certified family medicine physician & traditional osteopath with specialty training in functional & holistic medicine. She treats adults, children & infants combining her western training with her passion for yoga, eastern traditions & the mind-body-spirit connection.

Osteopathic Medicine applied to psychokinesiology is a way to ask the body which levels- structural, nutritional, emotional, spiritual etc. are keeping you from your full expression of health. Through a brief interview then evaluation using hands-on osteopathic & muscle testing techniques, your most priority issues will be identified & discussed. Leave this session with a greater understanding of your health journey & the direction to take to address your challenges.

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Tamar Frey


Guided Transformational Breath Work

Tamar's work accelerates your journey to assist you in realizing your individual genius. Utilizing ancient techniques in a gentle, kind manner, the breath work you will experience here is not widely known. It is a method that does not create hyperventilation or re-traumatization. The practice is very powerful on it's own & need not be forced or practiced with any level of strain. Clear obstructions & unnecessary attachments with ease & grace. Relax & feel your connection to creativity, wellness & Spirit blossom.

Tamar's first experience with her gifts was predicting a near-fatal car accident at age 4, leaving her confused & afraid of her intuition. In spite of a painful of childhood she achieved top-level positions in the corporate world & is now a loving mother of 3. Certified in the art of Pranayama & leading over 1,000 breath sessions, she is now a top facilitator of The Breath Center. A bridge builder between Spirit & Earthly endeavors, Tamar's goal is to help people navigate their own transformational process.

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June 6-9 in Pinecrest, California