2018 Musical Lineup

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Maesyn is fascinated by the lovership between humanity and the Muses that animate us. She has been playing violin since she was 3, and was a poetry major in college. She amalgamates her passions for wordsmithing, music and dance, weaving sensuous sonic reflections on the journey inward. Maesyn weaves fun, funky, musical tapestries, live looping her voice, violin, guitar, bass, whistling, and beat boxing into catchy, uplifting tunes, infused with elements of hip hop, pop, soul, and folk. She writes about themes of inspiration, sacred sensuality, hope, meditation and the evolutionary journey.

Sol Norda

Sol Norda channels desert bass, Swedish folk music, African trance, experimental ambient, North American bluegrass, and three part harmonies through soundsystems. Members include Evan Fraser and Mark Reveley of Dirtwire along with Emma Lucia of Jed and Lucia. Fusing some 20 plus instruments with electronic kicks, snares, and subs, the group makes music to get lost to, whether in headphones, forests, or deserts. Our live show is played as a continuous set, intended to induce a state of trance and surrender, an invitation to share in our fusion of rhythm, groove, ambient, ethereal soundscapes, and glitched out songwriting.



Fia is a Swedish singer-songwriter who with a unique crystal clear voice, exquisitely beautiful melodies and profound lyrics inspires and empowers us to live from our hearts. Speaking straight to the soul, she reminds us of who and what we are beyond our limiting beliefs, wounds and stories. With two full length albums, Made of Stars (2016) and Legacy of Light (2017), which were both crowdfunded and released independently, Fia is now touring the world sharing this transformational music. She will be sharing a heart opening concert with us. Come and receive music that remind us of truth. Powerful songs guiding us back home to ourselves and each other. Be inspired and uplifted, leave feeling empowered and ready to shine bright! This soul stirring music is unlike anything you’ve heard before.


A hearty cioppino of rock, blues, heavy rhythms & percussion of 1970s African Afro Rock musics, topped with coastal-psych seasoning... full of South Africa & California inspirations. One of the interesting things about AfriCali is that they lend importance to all instrumentation as much as they do to vocals. The melodies of each instrument and voice develops in episodes as opposed to the familiar verse-chorus format. This creates an absolute ground-breaking and utterly contemporary fusion of innumerable elements....Expect Afro bass hip hop world yoga roots vibrations to astound your senses. With special guests Az.RedSmoke & Aceyalone!


Kai Mata

Kai Mata is an Indonesian-American Singer/Songwriter whose soulful voice brings listeners into her wild journey: a 20-year-old who spent seven years exploring the Earth, & thus herself. She's best known for her emotive singing, impressive instrumental versatility, and vulnerable lyricism that paints the human existence. She’s shared her music around the world in Egypt, Australia, India, & her most current home, Indonesia, & she’s excited to share it with you. Heartfelt emotions emanate from her guitar, while truth flows through her lyrics. She invites her audience into her world. She struts on stage not just to perform, but to create a memorable experience. Involving the crowd in a voyage of laughter & tears, they unite. Going to a Kai Mata show is to hop in time machine. Expect to be be transported: to the past, present, future, & to the places that make us all human. Come for the journey. Together, we'll create the destination.


ALIA is an acclaimed Electronic Music Producer, Ecstatic Dance DJ, and Vocalist based in San Francisco. Her music is an evocative, lush journey into her own blend of bass-heavy dance beats, melodic frequencies, feminine voices, conscious lyrics, and sacred psychedelic sounds. She is the visionary behind Feminine Medicine™, a series of collaborative albums that brings more feminine voices to the dance floor. “Feminine Medicine Vol. 1” and “Feminine Medicine Vol. 1: Remixes” are out now. ALIA will deliver a rich, transcendent Ecstatic Dance journey drawing from her 10 years of experience as a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance Oakland and playing dances around the globe. ALIA sprinkles some of her original music in with some of the best of global bass.


Internationally acclaimed clutch DJ for when you need to get it just right, a dancers DJ, Sharu’s sound pushes you to the limits liberating your mind, body and buddhi. Studied in many genres of electronic music since the late 90’s, Sharu’s has a seasoned ear for blending a dynamic journey unifying any dance floor. He is among the most sought-after DJs in the conscious dance movement playing events world-wide, including Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, and all over the US in Hawaii, East and West coast and in between. Sharu has a deep understanding of how music and dance can be an analogy for the merging of the individual soul with the infinite. He knows that music is not just heard by the ears but experienced by the entire body. As a Vedic Astrologer, timing is at the crux of his methodology. His sensitivity to the moment informs the choice of music he plays to ignite any dance floor!

Pascal de Lacaze

Pascal de Lacaze is the co-founder and resident DJ of Ecstatic Dance Berlin. He plays music at events around the globe and his focus on rhythm and dance has made him friends in many communities: Dancers dig how his innovative DJ style connects with his energetic, modern drumming. Bands and Kirtan artists appreciate his steady, rocking world percussion and transcendental grooves. Be the dance in a sacred space. Go deep with your tribe of hearts and explore how your body & soul want to move & connect. Pascal de Lacaze weaves together finest electribal beats and live elements like vocals & live percussion. He is known to make the crowd fly. See you up there.

Sky Makai

First a Dancer, then a Musician/DJ, Sky has a profound passion for transcendental dance experiences. He is one of the most cherished facilitators at Ecstatic Dances around Hawaii, Earth Dance, the Hawaii Electronic Music Festival (HEMF), and most recently founded Ecstatic Dance in Williams, Oregon. Known for perfectly seamless transitions with an impeccable choice of songs for invoking movement and emotions, he ignores the boundaries of genres and blends music across a wide spectrum. Live and impromptu, never the same, his sets are always tailored for the moment and the people in it. Devoted and committed to personal growth, community, dance and movement, his strong sense intention and care shines through every event he facilitates.

DJ Journey Weaver

DJ Journey Weaver is known to regularly facilitate ecstatic dance events throughout the Northeast. You can find her frequently hopping continents to DJ events in warm up morning flow, mid-day beach bliss, or high vibe midnight peak. She loves traveling and adores taking dancers through a wave of release to full expression. She creates journies fueled by luscious melodies and brainwave beats to drop you into the rhythms of your soul and move your body in sweet delight. Inspired by a love of dance and connection, she will entice your spirit and form through space with the push of beats and the invitation of melody. From organic world music, to ambient chill, to electronic dance, to deep house... each set is nourishingly familiar yet cravingly unique. Looking forward to mixing some magic for you!