These amazing healers will be available for body work appointments during the festival. Their services cover a range of different healing modalities to help you feel ecstatically nourished and taken care of! 

Sessions can be booked at the Information Booth during the festival.
Pricing: $45 for 25 min / $80 for 55 min / $110 for 85 min

Santino Cattaneo


Aquatic Therapy & Zen Thai Massage

Sessions may include gentle thai stretching, myofascial holds, craniosacral occiput holds, & meridian point work depending on the body’s needs. Clients can expect to enter a deep state of mental relaxation & often a release of emotions. Many people report having insightful interior journeys while be gently guided through the water by Santino’s reassuring & protective touch. Because we all begin life in water, the return to water is generally a natural & comforting place to surrender & invite healing on many levels.

Santino is a compassionate & intuitive practitioner who believes in the transformative power of the water. Each of his session is an individualized response to his client’s unique physical & emotional state of being. He believes that water provides an environment which promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself & return to a state of equilibrium. Experiencing bodywork in an environment that is liberated from gravity often allows the body to realign when guided by Santino’s knowledgeable practice. Many people who suffer from pain & trauma experience a profound sense of relief during & after treatments.

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Joanna Tarnava


Chakra Balancing, Soul Healing Affirmations & Intuitive Body Work

Joanna is blessed to offer a myriad of healing treatments to you. Her focus during this event will be energy work, kundalini healing, soul affirmations, akashic records & intuitive body work. She has quite a list of therapeutic body sessions as well, but her desire is the focus on the ethereal at this time. Please don't hesitate to ask if other offerings are available.

Joanna's practice spans her entire life, as an empath & healer, aware of the ethereal realm from an early age. Her focus in healing arts has been full time for four years & part time for over 10. As an adventurer, athlete & body worker, she is very intune with the physical & as an energy healer & devoted intuite she aligns with the divine to cultivate a profound healing experience. What you honor, honors you. She is grateful to share this time & space with you.

Lisa K.Y. Wong


Auricular Medicine, Acupuncture & Acupressure

Acupuncture/Acupressure/Auricular Medicine: 25min, 55min, 85min treatment sessions addressing any conditions as needed using needle or non-needle treatment methods. Dialogue with the Inner Doctor: 85-min comprehensive whole-body physical exam through reading of the ears - This covers 14 systems of the body, revealing conditions in the past, present, and predictions for future in terms of health. Findings can guide diet and life-style choices for prevention & promotion of health.

Lisa is a licensed acupuncturist & the founder of Center for Healing By Design, a non-profit dedicated to empower people of all ages & cultures with self-care education, experience, & tools to help them get in touch with their Inner Doctor. Her childhood fascination with the ears & the human body led her to her specialty in Auricular Medicine & Healing By Design Self-Care Technology, where she is an advocate for your Inner Doctor & helps you to become the best partner to your Inner Doctor.

Rivka Wendy Faith


Esalen Massage, Deep Tissue, Cranioscacral & Reiki

Rivka offers deeply relaxing & therapeutic Esalen oil (or cream) massage. Deep tissue can be incorporated to whatever pressure you enjoy, moving slowly to allow your body to fully receive & integrate. Face & scalp massage with essential oils will further relax & help release sinuses. Craniosacral holds (or a full session) allow your nervous system to unwind, as well as address any physical, emotional or energetic issues you are currently working with during this nurturing session.

Originally certified in massage in 2012 at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Rivka returned to study Deep Tissue, Meridian & Thai massage. In 2016, she attended an advanced Thai massage training in Thailand. She also studied & assisted in various trainings with Hugh Milne in Visionary Craniosacral Work™ from 2012 - 2014. She is currently enrolled in a year-long Shamanic Healing Coach training program, has been a yoga teacher since 2007 & has a private healing arts practice in Oakland, CA.

Steven Narasimha Lewis


Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic Abhyanga, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Thai & Chi Nei Tsang

Steven offers integrative bodywork, blending modalities of east & west for a relaxing & therapeutic massage experience. The intention through this work is to awaken your love for being embodied, embracing & celebrating your mental, emotional, spiritual, & physical bodies. Techniques include deep tissue, Swedish, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Thai, Neuro-Muscular release, energetic touch & more, using high quality organic oils to nourish from your skin in.

Steven first studied bodywork at Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego, Ca. He learned from Bill Mueller the deep & mysterious connections between body & mind & how to access the psyche through hands on application. He has also studied the ancient sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda with Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts, Radiant Child Yoga Program, The Ashtanga Yoga Center, & more. He currently is a student of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in Sonoma, Ca.

Tylinn Grace


Integrated Sports, Swedish, Russian, Deep Tissue, Cranio-Sacral & Reflexology

Massages from Tylinn integrate methods from Sports, Swedish, Deep tissue, Russian, cranio-sacral, & reflexology. Expect your opinion to be requested & to get what you want out of your session.

With four years of massage therapy experience, including time spent in a chiropractic office, Tylinn specializes in flexibility. She likes to make each massage completely different for every body, every time. She loves communicative, two-way bodywork and believes it to be a vehicle for profound change.