We invite participants into a unique realm for transformation and expansion where they get to explore their edges and be held with empathy in a safer container than life usually provides. We strive to follow this same path of continued growth and improvement as an organization. We’re not claiming to have it all figured out, but we want you to know we are doing the work of systemic transformation right along with you.

Highlighted here are some of the initiatives we are working on. We want to share, in part, because we are proud of them, but also because there is power in sharing. Owning. Holding this intention in public. We want you to know it is important to us and fundamental to the kind community we are striving to create. 

We humbly ask for your compassion as we also step into our edges and expand and grow. We will mess up. However, we are committed to doing the best we can and own our mistakes to continue to do better.

Incident Report

The incident report form is used for any incident you would like us to know about that was inappropriate, harmful, or against the values of SoulPlay Festival. This includes, but is not limited to, consent violations, racial/gender aggressions or microaggressions, and othering language. No incident is too large or too small for us to be notified about. Reporters may stay anonymous and can make requests for support. You can find out more about our consent and accountability policies here:

Incident Reporting form

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Inclusion & Belonging Initiative

We want everyone who attends SoulPlay events to feel included and welcome. We invite anyone aligned with our values to show up and contribute their unique selves. We acknowledge the harm and injustices some marginalized groups have had to face and are open to growing, transforming and listening to ways we can continue to counter the marginalization and underrepresentation of selected racial, ethnic and cultural minorities.

We strive to help usher in a more socially just experience. One that celebrates diversity and our unique gifts. One where people feel accepted fully for who they are. One where all feel open to contributing and expressing their ideas, knowing their input is needed and valid. We want to use our collective energy for the good of all because we know we are only as strong as our weakest link. We are working to bring awareness to our own privilege and micro-aggressions.

- Diversity is having a seat at the table.
- Inclusion is having a voice.
- Belonging is having that voice be heard.

At SoulPlay, we are striving for everyone to have this sense of belonging.

But it’s a big job! We will mess up.

What we've been doing:

For our participants

  • Creating Safer Space Meet-ups for marginalized groups. So they can have a place where they feel heard and understood.

For our presenters

  • Receiving feedback and advice around best practices.

For our leadership team

  • We actively work to minimize non-inclusive or stereotypical language in the workshop spaces by speaking to this during the presenter on-boarding process.

Participant education

  • Using the SoulPlay Festival program as a platform for community wide education. We intentionally search for and incorporate insightful and informative workshops that promote education and awareness around diversity, inclusion and belonging. We do this to get the conversation started within the community and to create more allies for those who have been carrying so much. We believe it is our responsibility to step forward and educate ourselves in the ways we can better show up in this world.

What we're working on:

  • Leadership team education: We hold forums to discuss issues like gender inclusivity or diversity to empower and educate our team to bring up topics that may be uncomfortable to discuss in normal day-to-day settings. Making time for these conversations so that it becomes easier to bring up and engage in.

  • Providing a Platform: We actively look for and hold space for marginalized groups to give them a platform and audience for the work they are doing.

  • Moving from a gender binary focus in spaces, by de-genderizing bathrooms and bringing awareness to names, pairings and references made in workshops.

  • We've hired Inclusion and Belonging Directors Dereca Blackmon & Odessa Aviana Perez

Eco-Impact Initiative

We understand that festivals are inherently harsh on the environment. We are committed to lessening the negative impact of our event on the land.

What we've been doing:

  • Providing reusable cups, plates and silverware instead of disposable to reduce waste.

  • Encouraging of byo where possible

  • Community Program Board instead of individual event programs to help reduce waste.

  • Dishwashing plan

  • Trash, compost, recycling plan