Aine Grace Kimsey

Aine Grace Kimsey

Embodiment & Breathwork Guide

Aine has shared breathwork with thousands of people. She's passionate about helping people like you develop consistent practices that unlock more bliss, open-heartedness, confidence & wholeness so you can embody your full potential & power every single day. You’ll be able to use any challenge or set-back as an opportunity to experience greater love. & when you can live from your heart like this, you can create the life of your wildest dreams & have the power to heal the world.


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Aine Grace Kimsey

Breathwork Journey to Radical Self Love

Use your breath to shed heartache from the past & activate expanded states of grace, power, resilience & Self Love. Because no matter how much dominant culture might allude us with 'not enough' messaging, the truth is, your nature is BIG & BEAUTIFUL & the path to reclaiming it is through compassion & Love.

Breathe Your Bliss

A soul-filling breathwork journey where you’ll be deeply nourished & BLISSED UP from the inside out! - where you can JOY, laugh & rage-cry simultaneously - where you can feel the BLISS of your WHOLENESS (including parts of comparison, shame or self-judgment) & surrender into your true POWER - where you're truly HELD so you can release the bricks of stress from responsibilities & care taking - where you'll taste a soul-level sweetness that arises in the deep knowing of, “I belong"