Sweet Wild Rose

Sweet Wild Rose

Your Trini Auntie

What if you had a Trinidadian Auntie, who was open-minded, creative, highly-educated and empathetic? You might ask for life advice and get a kind-hearted, clever response. This is the heart center from which Auntie RoZie operates. Auntie RoZie brings the professionalism of academia and the corporate world, and the flexibility of a neurodivergent free-spirited Bay Area focused queerdo. They are excited to meet new friends and old, new niblings and new aunties, let's create community together.


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Sweet Wild Rose

Welcome to Trinidadian Carnival!

In this intuitive movement class, you will learn about Trinidadian culture, and how Trinidadians have used authentic sensual movement as a tool for liberation from the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy. You will be invited to connect with your own bodies and drop into an authentic experience of pleasure and flow. Moving to Trinidadian soca & calypso music, you are invited to discover and express your own flavor of sexiness through movement and play.