Aurelia Santos

Aurelia Santos

Movement & Mischief Maven

Aurelia is an Oakland-based visual artist, dancer, teacher, and community organizer. For the past two decades, she has dedicated her art to the science of human connection. A founder of Lindy by the Lake, she believes dance builds happier and stronger communities. As an award-winning photographer and storyteller, Aurelia focuses on the immigrant experience, social justice, and sex-positivity. Her photography work can be found at


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Aurelia Santos

Intro to Micro Dancing

In this class, we will simplify the dance and slow everything down. This is intended to create a meditative state of hyper awareness. After that, we will partner up and try to sense not just our own dance, but follow someone else’s. This requires relaxation and an empty mind. You will experience the boundaries between you and the other person disappearing as you create your own unique dance together, that nobody else can see because it’s so small. No partner needed, you can find one here.

Dance Partnership Dynamics: Lead, Follow, Switch!

Find a deeper connection with music and a dance buddy through partner dancing. You’ll learn how to maintain connection, communicate steps clearly, and listen to your partner. Learn how to lead, follow, and switch roles—it's easier than you think! We will tackle pulses, weight shifts, momentum, and musicality via the blues dance format. Composed of two step movements, blues focuses on improvisation and a close connection to one's partner. No dance experience or partner is needed.