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Aurelia Santos

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Aurelia is an Oakland-based nonprofit worker, educator, and community organizer. As founder of Lindy by the Lake, she blends her passion for dance and grassroots community building. Her life's work is to help amplify voices that celebrate self-positivity, sex-positivity, inclusion and belonging, and the immigration experience. Aurelia is also an award-winning photographer and storyteller. Her portfolio can be found at


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Aurelia Santos

Dance Partnership Dynamics: Lead, Follow, Switch!

Learn partner dancing basics and find playful connection! This class teaches you to maintain connection, communicate steps clearly, and listen to your partner. Learn how to lead, follow, and switch roles—it's easier than you think! We will tackle pulses, weight shifts, momentum, and musicality through the blues dance format. Composed of two-step movements, blues focuses improvisation and a close connection to one's partner. No dance experience or partner is needed.

Intro to Micro Dancing

Join us for Intro to Micro dancing, where the art of slowing way way way down intertwines with the beauty of intimate connection. Through gentle movements and deliberate pacing, dance partners learn to sync their breath with subtle motions, fostering a meditative state of mind and a state of hyper-awareness. Get lost in a wordless conversation where the music and bodies speak the loudest. No dance partner or experience is required.