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Be Yourself

Event Creator, Teacher & Kink Coach

'Be' is passionate about the intersection of embodied movement/dance, sensuality/sexuality & kink/BDSM. Be loves creating safe(r) spaces for play, exploration, growth & healing as a means of becoming more fully who we are. Be has been creating these spaces for the last 15 years in the Bay Area through classes & events, always pushing the envelope of what’s possible to explore. Bringing 20 years of experience as a bodyworker along with 8 years of Somatica training.


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Be Yourself

Rope Dance

Rope Dance is a practice full of exploration, playfulness, curiosity, creativity & spontaneity. It can be a supportive foundation for presence & connection in a rope scene and/or just more possibilities to explore with dance and movement. We'll start with the fundamentals of contact improv & then move into exercises that introduce rope into the dance. No experience needed of either CI or rope to join and rope will be provided.


ContactSage is about giving/receiving massage while doing contact improv. It's really all about getting squishy! The playshop will start with some fundamentals of CI: rolling point of contact, weight sharing & finding a sense of leading/giving vs. following/receiving (or letting them merge). We'll practice non-verbal sounds (verbal also encouraged) then will introduce exercises that apply the concepts of compression, pressure points & assisted stretching to integrate into your dance.