Caity Reilly

Caity Reilly

Somatic Sex Educator & Counselor

Caity Reilly is a somatic counselor, sex educator & trauma-informed bodyworker, who works with people across the gender & sexuality spectrum. In her work & educational spaces she invites people to explore how their intimate relationships, erotic expression & connection to their bodies can be gateways for personal growth & opening to deeper love. Caity’s bodywork focuses on healing sexual trauma & attachment wounds to empower people to inhabit themselves more fully.


She / Her


Workshops presented by

Caity Reilly

Touched by Love

Participants will learn the foundations of non-goal oriented touch & how to deeply connect as both the giver & receiver. They will be shown "Elemental Touch" techniques for grounding, creating sensation, expressing sensuality + fluidity, experiencing energetic connection & have a space to practice touch that is connected to the Heart. This workshop is a space for developing deeper presence, receptivity, intuition & care when we are offering consensual, sensual, caring touch.

Reclaim Your Wild Terrain: Pelvic Bowl Mapping

Mapping Your Wild Terrain is a hands-on experiential workshop where you will learn a deeper understanding of your physical & sexual anatomy, as well as tools for reproductive health & deeper self-care. We will explore the anatomy of arousal in the Female body, practice self-massage & pelvic mapping for releasing tension & increasing pleasure & be given the space to explore your pelvis & erotic expression just for you! This is a trauma-informed space for folks who are pussy-owners.