Darshana Avila

Darshana Avila

Erotic Wholeness Expert

Darshana is nurturing a culture of Erotic Wholeness. Many know her groundbreaking work on Netflix’s Sex, Love & goop where she shared her trauma-informed, nature-based, justice-oriented approach to somatic sex & intimacy education. She supports women & vulva bearing non-binary folks, individually or with their partners, in redefining their relationships to intimacy, sex & eroticism. Darshana holds Erotic Wholeness path to personal liberation in service to our collective sexual liberation.


She / Her, They / Them



Workshops presented by

Darshana Avila

Soulful Sensual: Touch & Talk From the Heart

Whether you're a seasoned player or a rookie, when it comes to the skills & strategies that take your sensual connections from ho-hum to holy wow, there's something for you here! Because while it's true that intimacy is an art form, you still need to refine your craft. We'll get heart & hands on in a variety of configurations (solo, pairs, small group) exploring consensual & compelling ways to create soulful & sensuous encounters. FYI Pleasure is on the menu. Overt sexual touch is not.