Dr. Alison Ash

Dr. Alison Ash

Intimacy Coach and Educator

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Dr. Alison Ash, aka Dr. Aly, is a trauma-informed intimacy coach & educator, Stanford Lecturer & founder of TurnON.love. As a sociologist with a PhD from Stanford, she has helped pioneer research on the orgasm gap & written on topics ranging from pleasure in hetero dynamics to queer & trans identities & experiences. Dr. Aly designs workshops & courses & offers individual & couples coaching to give others the tools to be able to cultivate & sustain nourishing emotional & sexual intimacy.





Workshops presented by

Dr. Alison Ash

Sleaze-Free Seduction Skills

Does flirting feel awkward or anxiety-provoking? You don’t have to deny your desire or wait for others to initiate. If you want to create new romantic connections or improve your ability to seduce current lover(s), this workshop will teach you how to get freaky without being creepy! *Feel confident approaching others in appropriate & effective ways * Learn verbal & non-verbal skills for flirting and seduction *Discover how to escalate flirting in ways that feel attuned, playful, and inviting