Grace Tzofia

Grace Tzofia

Divinity Catalyst

Grace Tzofia is a Medicine Woman & powerful Shamanic Healer & Teacher whose passion is to ignite the flame of your inner divinity & sovereignty. Grace Tzofia creates safe & sacred spaces filled with unconditional love for your healing & transformation. Enthusiastic & supportive, Grace Tzofia will help you become more embodied & feel connected to your own greater spiritual knowing. You are joyously invited to receive her channeled wisdom & heal through your unique imagination & play!


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Workshops presented by

Grace Tzofia

Laugh Your Way to Bliss

Breath-Play! Laughter Yoga helps you to enrich your vitality by eliminating the stagnant air (Xi) in the bottom ⅓ of your lungs through childlike & silly laughter exercises paired with gentle breathing whilst in connection with yourself & others. Laughter that begins as “artificial” often turns genuine. Expect to feel revitalized & re-centered as well as having an open & joyous heart full & ready to receive others through group exercises & visualizations. Come join in the fun at any time!

Guided Shamanic Journey into Integration

The imagination is the greatest tool for a shaman. As we all descend from shamans, their wisdom is readily available for us to access! Allow yourself to be transported into extraordinary reality in a safe & closed container to receive the gifts of your spirit guides & healed ancestors for your blossoming. Grace Tzofia will be your guide to visualize a pathway to integrate the medicine you’ve come to harvest. Expect to feel activated, transformed & connected to your own inner divine knowing.