Hannah Aline Taylor

Hannah Aline Taylor

Lifechanging Love Coach

Hannah's been changing lives through Devotional Love full time as a coach for over three years. Moving through personal tragedy as a child & young adult, Hannah has been puzzling over the human condition, especially as it pertains to relationships, throughout her life. Hannah honed her skills working with differently-abled adults, adjudicated youth, & receiving a BA in Psychology. Hannah's work rests on Union, with the four pillars of Intimacy, Integrity, Humility, & Stewardship.





Workshops presented by

Hannah Aline Taylor

Follow School

This dance/embodiment-focused workshop hones the skills of Following, honoring first the body and inner authority, then touching on orienting toward, receiving, & responding to exquisite leadership. Following is largely misunderstood in a culture where much of what passes for leadership is tyranny. True Following is an empowered, artistic choice which opens new optionality in even the most challenging & stuck situations. Bring ease & play into relationships & life with Follow School.

Grief Ritual (Truth Mandala)

Grief is guaranteed. So why do we hide it in the shadows? This ritual brings our expressions of grief to our loving community where we can be witnessed & witness others in a cathartic & healing way. The format of the ritual is based on Joanna Macy's Truth Mandala, but this particular expression is meant to be largely non-verbal. Participants sit tightly packed in a circle & one by one enter the circle to embody a wave of grief. When the wave has passed, they rejoin the outer circle.