Jahfaa A'nu

Jahfaa A'nu

Play, Embodiment & Imagination Muse

Mythic Honey can be seen in these two questions:What can be created from a liberated imagination? What does it mean to be an embodied creative? Jahfaa's interest are the intersections of the mythopoetic in relations to practical magic, imagination & archetypes, Somatic liberation, pleasure liberation and dance as plant medicine. As an embodied Imagination muse Jahfaa inspires to remind people of the deep medicine that we get to play with when we let our imaginations and bodies be in presence.


He / Him



Workshops presented by

Jahfaa A'nu

Mythic Movement Guided Dance Journey

A guided dance journey with a curated playlist to go with you own hero's journey. You'll receive reflective questions and playful prompts to support your process of integrating or tracking. You will leave feeling more connected to your body and walk away with some deep reflections and new experiences from your dance journey. We'll play with mindful dance, shape exploring, visualization, grounding exercises, personal mythology & archetypal exploration, a kind of play your soul is yearning for.