Jahfaa A'nu

Jahfaa A'nu

Imagination Muse

Jahfaa's interest lie in the mythopoetic and the relations to practical magic, imagination & archetypes, Somatic liberation, pleasure liberation and dance as plant medicine. He has a BA from Naropa combining Somatic psychology, peace studies and performance art. He guides people to dance as medicine through his offering Mythic Movement and shares his creations as Mythic Honey, which can be seen in these two questions:What can be created from a liberated imagination? What does it mean to be


They / Them, He / Him



Workshops presented by

Jahfaa A'nu

Mythic Movement: Into-Me Integrationshop

A guided dance journey that takes you through your own hero's journey with reflective questions to support your process of integrating your time over the weekend as well as life. Leave feeling more connected in your body, with grounding tools and deep reflections from your dance. We'll play with mindful dance, shape exploring, visualization & meditation, breathing & grounding exercises, personal mythology & archetypal exploration, journaling, and sounds.

Meditative Movement: Loving the Shapes of You

Exploring self love as presence and self responsibility in this meditative somaticly lead journey. In a culture that glorifies giving, the responsibility of our pleasure outside ourselves distorts our relationship to our body/pleasure. In this after dream time space we'll lucidly tap into our embodied imagination with guidance. Come out the journey feeling inspired & more connected. Activities: mindful dancing, breathing exercises, sounds, journaling, visualization, archetypes.