Kismet Marlane

Kismet Marlane

Erotic Blueprint & SFactor Coach

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Erotic Blueprint Coach - honoring, educating and illuminating you and the truth of your turn-on. S Factor Teacher - guiding movement for you and your body to unlock erotic empowerment. Professional bellydance teacher & performer. AFAA certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor. Leather craft designer, creator & owner of all things Liquid Nymph: accessible, elegant & elevated bondage collars, cuffs & blindfolds for kink curious folx.


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Kismet Marlane

Forbidden Pleasures of Dance

Discover the Forbidden Pleasures of Dance by learning the 5 Erotic Blueprints™ (Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, Shapeshifter), exploring their super-powers & shadows, and how each desires touch. Layer Blueprintified self-touch onto your own unique movements. Discover new ways to embody & explore music & the transformational pleasure-power of your own hands honoring & dancing over your body. Guided by a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach & S Factor teacher in a solo, Closed Container practice.

Pleasure Hunt

Breath all the way down to your root & ignite your fire. Color outside all of the lines your yoga & pilates teachers drew for you. Connect lovingly with all of your curves. Experience S Factor in this sensual soul-inspiring workshop that dives straight into deeper knowledge of the feminine flow for unlocking pleasure in all genders & bodies. Feel your sensual & emotional self soften & awaken through intuitively embodied movement for pleasure, self-touch & slow authentic flow.