Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald

Transformational Coach

Michael McDonald is a transformational coach, facilitator, and the creator of Relational Alchemy: relational practices and metaskills for creating an unusual amount of intimacy between people. As a coach he works with ‘quiet giant’ leaders and entrepreneurs, including mentoring other coaches - with a style described as part Mr Rogers, part Inception. Something awesome is trying to happen, and your job is to allow it.





Workshops presented by

Michael McDonald

Identity Alchemy

Let go of who you think you are. Identity Alchemy is a powerful process of surrender, reflection, and choice: an opportunity to take off your masks and rediscover your authority over who you choose to be, with connection and community as the safe space and a mirror for your exploration.

Shadow Play

There is wisdom within our darkness. When we look to our edges, our conflicts, and where we are stuck we ironically find new opportunities for connection and movement. Shadow Play uses connection, embodiment, and playfulness to help you follow the intelligence of your darkness into the light, to move beyond our one-sidedness and find the gifts we’ve been hiding from ourselves.