Philippe Lewis

Philippe Lewis

Love Coach & Sex Educator

Philippe is a relationship educator. He created Exquisite Dark Love to humans in making better choices for themselves and each so they can become sovereign humans through the practice of connection, trust, consent, intimacy, love, and the exploration of attachment theory. He founded the Open Relationship Community, the Attachment Community, and the Consent Community to support new emerging conversations on these important topics.




Workshops presented by

Philippe Lewis

Feel the Feline

The language of cats is renowned for its nuance and diversity, so that it can take years for humans to master this beautiful art. Indeed, it is a language familiar to humans, often much more than actual humans non-verbal language. But this cat language is similar enough to human’s that it is easy to learn for those who are still in the dark. In fact, many people interact non-verbally more often and in more complex ways with pets than they do with other human beings.

The Art and Practice of Nurturance for Men

Men are told in our culture that independence is key and needs are a weakness. The truth is that needs are normal and how human beings bond. The first step is to recognize that needs exist to be met without shame, and this applies to needs they may have sublimated because of patriarchy and sexism. This work requires that they develop the skill of nurturance -- being attuned, available, responsive, and engaged -- and apply it in their lives and with everyone else including other men.