Sanj Brar

Sanj Brar

Binaural Dreamer

Sanj has spent the last 20 years blending his passion for technology, music, and art through work and play. He created the Binaural Dream app and podcast as a way to explore how psychoacoustics and music can help us relax, recharge, and heal. He currently resides in Venice, Ca and works as a lead Product Manager at Audible.




Workshops presented by

Sanj Brar

Lucid Dreaming & Binaural Beats

Synchronized vibrations are at the heart of human consciousness. Mastering the brains relationship with vibration can help unlock our ability to focus, relax, and even lucid dream. In this live demonstration, we'll explore how isochronic tones and binaural beats can be used to master the mind and lucid dream.

Relax, Release, & Recharge with Binaural Beats

Experience a sound bath of binaural beats, harmony, and bass that will be used to help us release pain and relax the body. Melodic Rav Drum rhythms and deep theta tones in A minor will be used to heal our souls and open our hearts.