Sasha Wright

Sasha Wright

Somatic Psychotherapy & Dance Doula

Sasha Wright LCSW is a somatic psychotherapist, avid dancer, & earthy soul who loves to guide people into shared experiences of creative connection & whole body aliveness. Sasha leads workshops & retreats involving contact improv & somatic practices, & holds embodied earth-based rituals in the Bay Area. A social worker steeped in Hakomi, Internal Family Systems, & Eco-therapy, Sasha provides psychotherapy that supports inner alignment & the mindful embodiment of one’s wholeness.


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Workshops presented by

Sasha Wright

Morning Molasses Contact Jam

Move into the morning slooow like molasses, stretchhh into connection with senses still soft, & play to start the day! Contact Improv is an improvised dance practice that encourages beginners mind & the exploration of one’s body in relationship to others through sharing weight, touch, & awareness. We will begin with a gently guided warm up & then flow like honey into an open jam. All levels welcome.

Rope Dance

Rope Dance is a practice full of exploration, playfulness, curiosity, creativity & spontaneity. It can be a supportive foundation for presence & connection in a rope scene and/or just more possibilities to explore with dance and movement. We'll start with the fundamentals of contact improv & then move into exercises that introduce rope into the dance. No experience needed of either CI or rope to join and rope will be provided.