Steve Yang

Steve Yang

Movement Artist

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Steve loves movement of all kinds, & is currently focused most heavily on Aerial Straps & Archery. He believes it’s an illusion that mind & body are separate; they are one in the same. His spiritual beliefs are firmly grounded in Taoism, & he is also firmly Agnostic about the existence of an external higher power. Steve is a trained Teacher & Life Coach, with decades of experience with Partner Dancing & Martial Arts.




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Steve Yang

Intro to Micro Dancing

Join us for Intro to Micro dancing, where the art of slowing way way way down intertwines with the beauty of intimate connection. Through gentle movements and deliberate pacing, dance partners learn to sync their breath with subtle motions, fostering a meditative state of mind and a state of hyper-awareness. Get lost in a wordless conversation where the music and bodies speak the loudest. No dance partner or experience is required.