Steve Yang

Steve Yang

Movement Artist

Steve loves movement of all kinds, & is currently focused most heavily on Aerial Straps & Archery. He believes it’s an illusion that mind & body are separate; they are one in the same. His spiritual beliefs are firmly grounded in Taoism, & he is also firmly Agnostic about the existence of an external higher power. Steve is a trained Teacher & Life Coach, with decades of experience with Partner Dancing & Martial Arts.




Workshops presented by

Steve Yang

Taichi Push Hands

Push Hands is the improvised application of Taichi. We start with solo warm-ups, then move into partnered work that creates an adversary. The container of Push Hands will give your body immediate feedback to your reactions. Use this practice to access your mental and emotional reactions through observing your physical responses. From there, you can choose to extrapolate these lessons to the rest of your life. No partner needed, you can find one here.

Intro to Micro Dancing

In this class, we will simplify the dance and slow everything down. This is intended to create a meditative state of hyper awareness. After that, we will partner up and try to sense not just our own dance, but follow someone else’s. This requires relaxation and an empty mind. You will experience the boundaries between you and the other person disappearing as you create your own unique dance together, that nobody else can see because it’s so small. No partner needed, you can find one here.