Tamara Montenegro

Tamara Montenegro

Sound Artist & Performer

Tamara Montenegro, aka NAOBA, creates spaces of deep resonance that facilitate the connection to inner world, each other and the Planet through intentionally crafted music journeys and theatrical therapy. Her musical and somatic offering draws knowledge from ancient frequencies and instrumentation, mesoamerican shamanism and earth-rooted spiritual practices. serves to create spaces of safe exploration of our bodies and minds through somatic dance and psychoacoustics.


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Workshops presented by

Tamara Montenegro

Origins Morning Sound Healing Meditation

A sonic guided meditation designed to create awareness of how integrated our biology is to the planet’s evolution. Focusing on our cellular systems and breath. Enjoy healing sound frequencies that regenerate the psyche and our cellular matrix. A hybrid soundscape of digital, nature recordings, live voice and instruments, you'll be guided on a journey through the evolution of Life on our Planet, from single cell organism to who we are today.