Trish Wright

Trish Wright

Kinky Sex & Relationship Coach

Trish Wright is a trauma-informed Sex & Relationship Coach whose heart-centered approach prioritizes cultivating deeper intimate connections. Their training in Gestalt, BDSM, Sacred Sexuality, & Holistic Hypnosis equips individuals with the tools to repattern old habits into empowered decisions through deconstructing codependency & trauma bonds. They teach sex & relationship skills that provide insightful strategies to resolve conflict, increase intimacy & ignite radical pleasure.




Workshops presented by

Trish Wright

Attuned Dominance

Counter to pop-culture dominance, which tends to be rooted in insecurity & control; Attuned Dominance allows everyone involved to engage with mutual trust & understanding. Learn skills to cultivate stronger empathy, safety protocols, & emotional hygiene in your D/s Play. You will understand your agenda through self-reflection & small group shares & learn how to positively - & safely - impact your partners without losing "control." This class is for everyone curious or experienced.

Soul Connecting

Soul Players are invited to join a courageous & intimate space to build meaningful connections. Through facilitated conversations & connection rituals, we explore our inner world, allowing us to get up close & intimate with our true nature while building safe, supportive bonds. Meet, explore each other's inner worlds, & make lasting soul friends through dance, breath, sound, & words. Dive deep into your heart & embrace the possibility of creating courageous relationships.