Soul Purpose + Creative Biz Coach

Vaidehi is a purpose & creativity mentor. She helps creative entrepreneurs to embody their purpose through coaching, online programs, & movement workshops, so that they can build the creative business & wealth desired by activating their inherent gifts through tangible offerings. She's a creative herself & directs a pole studio, produces her own mantra bass hip hop music & loves choreographing, performing & speaking to inspire.


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Sensual Floor Werk

A workshop dedicated to opening your hips & hamstrings & activating your root & sacral chakra with yoga asana & yin focused stretching. Once you've warmed up we step into fun sensual floor movement that includes pole based exotic leg work & more. Walk away feeling flexy, sexy, relaxed, & ready to play.

Mantra Bass Ritual Dance Experience

This workshop consists of live mantra music paired with a guided dance experience that provides an inner activation, an awakening to self, & bridges the body mind connection through the mantra, & movement. This guided dance experience moves the participant through various dance exercises, mudras & yoga inspired poses. Each song represents an element & spiritual concept to help release & activate through yoga based wisdom.