vicki abadesco!

vicki abadesco!

Facilitator of Goodness

vicki! is a seasoned facilitator who has led programs for over 35 years, touching the hearts of thousands. She brings passion to every audience & inspires entire rooms to look at each other and themselves differently, dropping barriers & cultivating care and understanding. vicki! is the co-founder of Soul Shoppe, an award-winning org that provides social-emotional learning tools to schools. She also co-leads a year-long sacred circle for women of color.


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vicki abadesco!

See the Good

Through activities and small group shares, you will have an opportunity to safely drop in and look beyond assumptions, labels, and judgments to see the good in another, while having the good reflected back to you. Walk away feeling seen and connected!

Get Your Groove On

Come join us for fun icebreakers and energizers to meet new people, deepen relationships and build more connections. Together we’ll laugh, be silly and let our little kids out to play! We will move around engaged in several activities and will end our time with a sweet story.