Victor Warring

Victor Warring

Somatic Sexuality/Erotic Educator

Victor Warring, MA is a Somatic (body-centered) Sexuality Educator, mentor, guide, "shame whisperer" & an Erotic ReWild-er. He works one on one, with people in relationships & with communities/groups to re-wild & reclaim their connection to sexual & erotic aliveness. Using a range of supports from counseling to experiential movement practices, Victor offers permission & space for his clients to explore the normal human desire for erotic wholeness.


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Workshops presented by

Victor Warring

ReWild Eros: Reclaiming Erotic Sovereignty

In this presentation & mini-workshop we will explore Erotic ReWilding & what it means to be Erotically Sovereign in culture that demands relational enmeshment & domestication. With an anthropological/evolutionary understanding of our human sexual lineage we will explore the modern social & internalized structures that interfere with our erotic brilliance. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself as an erotic being & with a few tools to reclaim your erotic aliveness!


In many dance spaces, the Erotic is present but is often relegated into shadow; disowned or unwelcome, only to show up in ways that cross boundaries & undermine community safety. In DanceEros we will invite Eros into the dance as an honored guest & community benefit. In this consent based experience come prepared to discover your sovereign erotic truth in body-centered safety. Though Eros is invited, no overt sexuality or nudity will be part of the experience. Come solo or partnered.