Connect and Play

SoulPlay Festival is a multi-day conscious gathering focused on heart-opening connection, personal expansion and blissful dance. As a community, we come together to connect, explore new things, and grow. We will get grounded in our bodies and feel the immense love that is all around us. The love that IS us.

We invite you experience a new way of being. A way of truth and purity of nature. Whether through movement, speaking, touch, breathing or deep reflection, you will find your truth within, and it will be beautiful.

SoulPlay 2024 - 1 Weekend + Immersions

Weekend 1 - June 6-9

4 days of expansive workshops, heartwarming connections, and legendary music and pool parties!

Immersions - June 10-13

Expand your time with the SoulPlay Community with facilitated deep dives into the core themes that bring us together.

Weekend 2 - June 14-16


You can join for all sessions, or mix and match to meet your needs and desires.


Dance & Movement Workshops

A safe & gentle experience that is great for both beginners & experienced dancers alike.

Wisdom Sharing

One person CAN make a difference. Learn five strategies you can adopt right now to be a better ally to people facing identity-based hatred.

Touch & Sensuality

Tandava is a sensual blend of flowing movement and massage. Originally created by Daniel Odier, a Tantra teacher from France, Tandava nourishes body and soul.

Intimacy & Communication Workshops

Everyone wants & deserves to love & be loved! Increasing our communication skills increases our ability to both express & experience connection & love.

Live Music & DJs

Rockin' at the Fire Theater, Ecstatic Dances, Epic Poolside Dance Parties, Sweet Fireside Sing Alongs

Inner World Workshops

Take a journey creating a reciprocal cycle of nourishment and connection between each other and the earth.

Play Spaces

SoulPlay Chalet

Elevate your spirit with music and dance, build intimacy through genuine communication, heal past wounds and deeply connect with one and another.

Fire Theater

Dance and play into the night. Let the sounds and words nourish your being as you receive beautiful love offerings from fantastic performers.

Ecstatic Movement

Shake your body in delight and awaken your soul. Experience different modalities of movement and share your happiness with the world.

Touch Temple

Explore your passions, develop trust in your intuitions, and express the fire within in new mediums.

Spirit Cove

Dive deep into the inner realms of your self in this sweet creekside location. Meditation, self reflection, breathwork and healing are found here.

A multi weekend immersive experience filled with transformational workshops, celebration, dancing connection and play.

Celebrating Connection in Nature

Not feeling like being in workshops for the entire weekend? No sweat!

The venue's fresh air, sunshine, and surrounding natural beauty provide attendees with an amazing playground. You can relax or meditate in nature, read by the creek, or strap on your running shoes for a trail run or hike.

In addition to the workshops, you will have access to an open pool, the Healing Sanctuary and Vendor Marketplace, hiking trails, a meditation garden, a sweet creek and even a pond with kayaks and stand up paddle boards.

There is something for everyone at SoulPlay.