COVID-19 Policy

Updated: May 15th, 2023


- No vaccine requirement.

- No testing requirement

- Test before you leave

Testing before you leave for SoulPlay
We recommend everyone to get PCR tested within 72 hours of arrival. Those who are not able to take a PCR test are recommended to take a Rapid Antigen Test instead in the morning prior to your departure towards the festival.

We understand that this might be a minor inconvenience to each of us, but it is a major benefit for our community.

In addition to the recommended testing, what else will SoulPlay do to keep us Covid safe?
- Event will be held mostly outdoors
- We recommend that people get tested upon their return from the event before interacting with vulnerable populations
- In the days leading up to the event, if anyone starts experiencing the onset of flu-like symptoms (fever, aches, chills, cough, sore throat, congestion, etc.), you should NOT attend SoulPlay.
- Catering staff and servers will be required to wear masks while handling food

We continue to monitor the evolving situation and will put in place whatever measures are needed to both comply with regulation and keep our community safe.

Who comes to SoulPlay?

Beautiful, curious, open-minded souls come out to Play at SoulPlay.

A full spectrum variety:

  • fresh-seekers who have never attended any workshops, retreats or festivals
  • Individuals and couples who are keen on delving deep and getting fresh perspectives
  • Experienced yogi’s and dancers who have been making the festival rounds for years
  • Inspired souls who want to experience what it's like to thrive and be themselves in community

SoulPlay is a welcoming festival environment to people who desire to go deeper than that first superficial layer, those who want to see beneath the skin, beyond the eyes, and into the soul. People who have a longing for more presence and intentionality in their life.

Can I attend alone?

Yes! It's for everyone!

SoulPlay is a great place to experience community.

For singles, it is a great way to meet new friends. For couples, it is a great way to deepen, strengthen and grow the relationship.

What is SoulPlay like?

Connection! Connection! Connection!

This isn’t a solo journey. The core of the SoulPlay experience is relating! Consciously relating with others in movement, touch, communication, intellectual stimulation, singing around the campfire and of course light-hearted laughter and play! It's a great place to meet new friends and grow connections.

It’s also about choice. There are typically 5 different workshops to choose from at any given time, allowing you to explore a full range of potential human experiences. You may also choose, instead, to spend time lounging in our clothing optional pool, getting a professional massage in the Healing Sanctuary, shopping in the Vendor Marketplace, enjoying a nature hike, relaxing in the meditation garden, splashing in the creek or playing in the pond with kayaks or stand up paddle boards.

Your experience is yours to craft.

How is it different from other festivals?

SoulPlay takes place in nature surrounded by rolling hills, flowing water and big beautiful trees, with all the fresh scents, sounds and delights nature provides.

It’s a festival, but it is also summer camp, and a personal growth intensive, and a fun celebratory weekend with your closest friends and family - or the people who you will soon refer to as SOUL family! Your experience is yours to craft and only limited by your imagination.

SoulPlay is an alcohol and drug free environment, though the experience of deep love and connection will get you HIGH. Instead of feeling depleted after the weekend, you will feel energized, charged up, with new skills and insights that are fully integratabtle into your daily life. It's truly LIFE CHANGING!


Mandala Springs Wellness Retreat Center
Located just 2 /12 hours north of the Bay Area in Lake County, Mandala Springs is a brand new retreat center dedicated to providing a sacred and tranquil environment for individuals and groups to experience the interconnection of nature and spirit.

Mandala's breathtaking surroundings make it an ideal place to connect and rejuvenate. With miles of walking trails with expansive views of the Mayacamas Mountains, you will be surrounded by nature around every turn. There is a large pond that is perfect for paddle-board or boating activities and a sweet creek to splash around and explore.

Expect an amazing playground with fresh air, sunshine, and surrounding natural beauty. Endless Fun. Endless Memories.

* * Mandala is also a vegetarian and substance-free facility. It is their desire to create a peaceful and sacred atmosphere for all guests and visitors. They do not allow the cooking of any animal products on our property, which includes meat, fish and eggs.


Mandala Springs Wellness Retreat Center

Main SoulPlay Entrance - 14247 Bottle Rock Rd, Cobb, CA 95426

This entrance is for everyone except RVs and large commercial trucks. Large vehicles will not be able to pass here.

RV ONLY Entrance - 14117 Bottle Rock Rd, Cobb, CA 95426

RVs and large commercial truck only.

Located less than forty miles north of Santa Rosa and 90 miles north of San Francisco.

2 hours from Sacramento Airport
1.25 hours from the Santa Rosa Airport
30 minutes From Clear Lake


What to Bring!

• Wagon/cart for moving camping gear around - parking lot is located much farther from campsites this year
• Warm clothes for the night time. Don't underestimate the chill factor once the sun goes down!
• Water bottle, camp mug if you like
• Hat for sun - It's gonna be hot!
• Yoga mat - if you have one
• Bathing suit, sarong, towel, flip flops, sunscreen. There is a pool, pond & creek. Pool is clothing optional.
• Headlamp or flashlight for walking at night.
• Camp showers if you have one (there are hot showers on site but at peak times there may be lines)
• Mosquito repellent or bug spray (especially fo you are sensitive) ~ it's nature and there may be bugs there. :)
• Musical instruments - it's highly likely you’ll walk into an impromptu jam session!
• Yummy snacks and refreshments to keep you energized throughout the day.
• Your authentic self

What Not to Bring!

• Meat, fish or eggs - these are the venue guidelines based on their spiritual practice
• Pets - not allowed. The is a no pet venue. This includes emotional support animals. Documented service dogs are ok.
• Cynical comments
• Camp stoves or any open flames
• Alcohol or other mind-altering substances

Arrival Time & Festival hours

Gates open at 12:00pm on Thursday, June 8th.

Registration will be open:

Thursday 6/8 - 12pm(noon)-11pm
Friday 6/9 - 8am-10pm

Please do not arrive earlier than this as we will not be set up to serve you. Gates will be closed from Thursday at 11pm to Friday at 8am. All guests must check-in upon arrival to verify Covid documents, receive welcome packet and orientation.

Workshops begin at 3pm on Thursday, June 8th and will end at 5pm on Sunday, June 11th. There will be no workshops / activities at night between 1:00 am - 8:00 am. Everyone must vacate the premise by 6pm, Sunday, June 11th. There will be no option to stay on premise after the event is over.


There are several options for accommodations at SoulPlay Festival:

1. Tent Camping (included with ticket) - Bring your own choice of camping set-up and build your home away from home. The camping area is centrally located with easily accessible water spigots. Hot Water Showers and bathrooms are also available throughout the venue. Please bring your own toiletries and towels.​

2. Dreamy Cottages (sleep up to 4 people or even more if you bring floor mattresses):​ Several beds with bedding, kitchenette, air conditioning, private bathroom and deck. These are ideal for groups. And like the name suggests, they are dreamy.

3. Private Lodge Rooms (Sleep 1-3 people): Choose a room in a luxurious lodge that comes complete with bed and bedding, bathrooms and showers in the lodge, and a shared deluxe kitchen and cozy living room. A/C in the lodge as well.

4. Glamping Bell tents (sleep 2-3): Comfortable luxurious bell tents, set up with bed, heater, and power. Regular and large options available.

5. Car Camping: A limited number of centrally located car camping spots will be available that are mixed in with tent camping. Drive right up without having to haul your gear. Hot Water Showers and bathrooms are also available throughout the venue. Please bring your own toiletries and towels.

6. RV Sites with Hookups: Roll right in.

Hot Water Showers and bathrooms are available throughout the venue. Please bring your own toiletries and towels.


We encourage everyone to carpool to SoulPlay, to help make for an easeful parking situation and because it's the right thing to do for the environment. Please use the Official Carpool Page Alternatively, you can post on the Facebook Community Group or Facebook Event and find your carpool buddies that way.

We require a Car Parking Pass for every vehicle. This pass can be purchased from the tickets page.


Mandala Springs is a VEGETARIAN ONLY venue. NO MEAT or animal products are allowed on site.

Our lovely kitchen staff will be providing healthy meals for us to nourish ourselves over the weekend. Your ticket includes 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner). Meal times will be published at a later date. There will be options for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and non-dairy eaters. If you have any special allergy, please let us know when you arrive so that the kitchen can try to accommodate your needs.

There will also be a couple of vendors on site for those of you who need a little something extra. These items will be offered at an additional charge.

You are welcome to bring your own food and snacks!

Limited ICE will be available for purchase to stock your coolers.

No fridge space or communal kitchen available.


Mandala Springs offers many amenities that will be available to us the entire weekend• Coffee, snack and drinks from the venue store

  • Sitting area with books for purchase and a library for reading
  • Meditation Garden
  • Pool, pond and creek for water play
  • Nice bathrooms with hot showers
  • Healing Sanctuary for professional massages
  • Hiking Trails

There is no WIFI at the venue. Cellular reception should be available, although we encourage you to stay connected in other ways during your weekend with us. Take the opportunity to fully disconnect from your technology. Reconnect with yourself, the people around you, and nature. It will be glorious and nourishing. We promise!

Age requirements

SoulPlay Festival is an adult only event. All participants must be 18 or over

ADA Accessibility

The venue has relatively flat terrain and should be easily accessible to all. For specific inquiries regarding ADA accessibility please contact info@soulplayfestival.com

Refunds & Ticket transfers

We’re sad that you won’t be joining us! But we understand that life happens, so we’re here to help you transfer or refund your ticket if needed.

Ticket Transfer:

Scams are very prevalent these days. Please be careful when buying or selling with anyone you do not know, or do not share mutual friends with on Facebook.

2 options for transfer:

1. Independent transfer (only do this if you trust the person you are transferring with)-

- The new ticket buyer should provide the original ticket holder with the following:- First Name- Last Name- Email- T-shirt size- Gender (optional)- Age (optional).

- Login to Humanitix → edit the details on the ticket and replace your contact information with the contact information of the person to whom you are transferring your ticket.

- Handle any money transfer on your own

2. Secure ticket transfer/sale using Tixel - CLICK HERE TO LIST TICKET ON TIXEL


50% refunds are available at any time for any reason.

To request a refund please fill out the REFUND REQUEST FORM.