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SoulPlay Festival is 4 days focused on heart-opening connection, blissful dance, invigorating yoga, and much more.

This is not your typical festival. It is an experience designed to facilitate learning and growth, while having a lot of fun and making a lot of great connections in the process.

Attendees typically report feeling more satisfied and a higher degree of connection and community in their lives than ever before.

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Lost & Found - SoulPlay Festival 2019

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SoulPlay FallFest is coming September 19-22, 2019!

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Dance and Movement Workshops

"Cocréa: Crafting Kinetic Dialogues"
by Wren LaFeet
Access more vulnerability in the embodiment of your dance and elevate your co-creative potential and sensitivity with another. Using form borrowed from social partner dance, our work is to craft our bodies and awareness into containers of such great integrity that we create ourselves as safer spaces for others to express. Refinement of our intuition and listening is paramount to the purpose of co-creating a mutually delightful and consensual experience.

Wisdom Sharing

"Tantric Nourishment: Lover's Guide to Food and Turn On"
by Jillian Love
Through experiential food play and interactive conversation this workshop will take expansive look at foods for increased health and vitality and a delicious dive into the sensual art of self-nurture and love. Learn how to access and trust the wisdom your body has to offer and create your own uniquely customized daily practices to help you unite body, mind, and spirit and reach greater heights of health, fitness, beauty and turn on.

Touch & Sensuality Workshops

"The Power of Pleasure"
by Ashley Apple
Align with your pleasure and open to your power.  When your sexual energy is flowing strongly you feel confident, sexy, magnetic, embodied and full of life force. The first step is understanding your arousal state and how to have epic orgasms. With your sexual energy flowing freely you have access to incredible power that helps you radiate and attract love and success. This workshop combines lecture and exercises/breathwork/radiance switch activation.

Intimacy & Communication Workshops

"From Codependency to Healthy Soul Partnerships" 
by Emily Orum & Scott Catamas
In this playshop you will dive into exploring, honoring, and integrating your shadow relational aspects. How is it that we attract or fall into wound mate relational dynamics and what are the tools that we need to shift into more life affirming win-win relating? Scott and Emily are relational wizards who’s approach is playful, compassionate, and highly effective, giving you practical tools that work! They have helped hundreds transform their relationships and want to share their tools with you!

Live Music & DJs

Jennifer Johns at the Fire Theatre

Afternoon Pool Party by Tyler Blank

Ecstatic Dance by Sasha Rose

Closing Ceremony with Mikey Pauker

Inner World Workshops

"Inner Alchemy Basics and the Circulation of Chi"
by Jak Noble
This workshop features Taoist energy enhancing meditations. Often referred to as "Circulation of the light", they are the basis of internal alchemy practices. These ancient methods powerfully harmonize the internal energy systems and provide the foundations for advanced fusion and other internal alchemical healing meditations.


Camp Blue - Lair of the Golden Bear, Pinecrest, CA
Located just three hours east of the Bay Area at 5,600 feet in beautiful Pinecrest, California, the Lair’s fresh air, sunshine, and surrounding natural beauty provide SoulPlay festival with an amazing mountain playground.


Friendly, unpretentious, inclusive, playful, awesome experience. Being under the trees was so awesome.

Catherine Rose

SoulPlay is the most amazing festival I've been to in 40 years of festivals. Best organized, depth of expertise in presenters, great classes, superb ecstatic dance and movement classes, rich pujas, and delightful participants. A true joy!

Evalena Rose
2015, 2016 and 2017 Presenter

An open hearted community provides a welcome space in which to cultivate compassion and joy.

2017 Attendee

BEST FAMILY/WORK/FRIEND weekend EVER!!!!! Thank you for combining all of our parts!

Shauna Handrahan
2017 Presenter

Incredible combo of workshops, music and people.

2017 Attendee

It really was a fertile ground of love, acceptance, opened up my heart in every way...healing old wounds i didn't even know I needed healing. It was my first festival, my first time being naked in public...and I loved it really felt like i had found my tribe. I'm so happy I found you and you've given me hope for humanity!

Stella Cheung
2017 Attendee

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June 6-9 in Pinecrest, California