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SoulPlay Festival is 4 days focused on heart-opening connection, blissful dance, invigorating yoga, and much more.

This is not your typical festival. It is an experience designed to facilitate learning and growth, while having a lot of fun and making great connections in the process.

Attendees typically report feeling more satisfied with a higher degree of connection and community in their lives than ever before.

SoulPlay is an alcohol and mind-altering substance free event. It's is wonderful opportunity to practice being present, while connecting in community.

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SoulPlay Festival 2022 Tickets are Soul'd Out! Remember to buy tickets early next year.


New Covid policy - Vaccinations no longer required. Testing still required for entry.


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Dance and Movement Workshops

"Blindfolded Contact"
by Candice & Gabriel
A safe & gentle experience that is great for both beginners & experienced dancers alike. Wearing blindfolds allows dancers to drop the fear & self-judgment that often inhibits spontaneous movement & authentic connection to self & others. This workshop takes participants on a journey of somatic self-discovery & non-verbal consent via solo & group exercises before culminating in a freeform blindfolded jam.

Wisdom Sharing

"Five ways to become a Better Ally"
by Dereca Blackmon
One person CAN make a difference. Learn five strategies you can adopt right now to be a better ally to people facing identity-based hatred. The world is calling for healers &  seekers to come together to out-love the xenophobic messages creating fear & pain in our society.  This powerful experiential workshop goes beyond blame & shame to help build real solutions the only way that works – together.

Touch & Sensuality Workshops

"Tandava Movement Massage"
by Alyssa Anaya
Tandava is a sensual blend of flowing movement and massage. Originally created by Daniel Odier, a Tantra teacher from France, Tandava nourishes body and soul. Dive deep with one person, giving and receiving Tandava massage, an intimate experience that includes skin on skin movement together with oil. Awaken your sacred kundalini essence, and get a great massage! Come solo or with a partner or friend.

Intimacy & Communication Workshops

"Building Intimacy Through Clear Communication" 
by Wahila Wilke & John Nadler
Everyone wants & deserves to love & be loved! Increasing our communication skills increases our ability to both express & experience connection & love. In this workshop you will learn & practice tools & techniques that help individuals & couples communicate cleanly & clearly in ways that help them grow & evolve.  

Live Music & DJs

Rockin' at the Fire Theater, Ecstatic Dances, Epic Poolside Dance Parties, Sweet Fireside Sing Alongs

Inner World Workshops

"Forest Bathing"
by Gregg Berman
Take a journey creating a reciprocal cycle of nourishment and connection between each other and the earth. Move through a series of mindful invitations to slow down, ground and engage our senses in ways that often lie dormant. Granting each other the permission to be our full authentic selves, we deepen our connection to the forest around us. As we share what we are noticing both internally and externally, we’ll deepen our connections to ourselves and to each other.


Mandala Spring Wellness Retreat Center

Mandala Springs is located in Cobb, California, less than forty miles north of Santa Rosa and 90 miles north of San Francisco.

Tranquil and inspiring, the breathtaking surroundings make it an ideal place to connect and rejuvenate. With a creek and miles of walking trails with expansive views of the Mayacamas Mountains, you will be surrounded by nature around every turn. There is even a large pond that is perfect for paddle-board or boating activities. Fresh air, sunshine, and surrounding natural beauty provide SoulPlay Festival with an amazing playground.


It was my first festival EVER!..and what a great one to pick to pop my festival cherry :) i really didn't know what to expect but was open to new experiences and boy was I in for the most delicious treat EVERRRRRR. I have nothing to compare it to, but I'm glad it wasn't too crowded or else i think it might have felt overwhelming. But because it was intimate enough, i felt like i could really make heart to heart, meaningful connections. I felt welcomed, included, and SO SO LOVED. Thank you :)

2017 Attendee

An open hearted community provides a welcome space in which to cultivate compassion and joy.

2017 Attendee

If you like intimate settings, deep connections, being in nature, clothing optional pools, amazing people, ecstatic dance, yoga and tantra, you've found your favorite festival!

Trevor Pirtle
2016 Attendee

Incredible combo of workshops, music and people.

2017 Attendee

It really was a fertile ground of love, acceptance, opened up my heart in every way...healing old wounds i didn't even know I needed healing. It was my first festival, my first time being naked in public...and I loved it really felt like i had found my tribe. I'm so happy I found you and you've given me hope for humanity!

Stella Cheung
2017 Attendee

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June 9-12, 2022 in Cobb, California