SoulPlay is an opportunity to dive deep into our patterns and beliefs. For some people SoulPlay will be a fun relaxing weekend. For others, it may be a triggering environment. Whatever you are feeling, please respect that not everyone feels the way you do. People may get triggered and you may witness them feeling sad, angry, upset or tender. Others may feel elated, blissful, happy or joyful. Other people’s feelings are NOT something you should judge nor solve.

Use of Alcohol and other mind altering substances

SoulPlay workshops are best experienced sober and present. Out of respect for other participants, please show up to workshops fully present. If a presenter feels that you are unable to partake in the workshop due to inebriation, they may ask you to leave the workshop. Illegal substances are, quite simply, illegal.

Sexual Activity

We celebrate sexuality and encourage you to be as sexual as you choose, as long as all activity is consensual and conducted in your private tent, cabin or van. Sexual activity will NOT be permitted in any of the public areas, including the pool and workshop areas.


You have the opportunity, if you so choose, to explore the feeling of being without clothes at the POOL AREA ONLY. Clothing is required in all other public areas including the workshops. Always sit on a towel or piece of clothing you own when sitting on any furniture.


We would like to create an environment at SoulPlay where people feel safe to share and open up. Therefore, when outside of a workshop (and definitely when outside of SoulPlay), please do NOT share other people’s stories or actions. Feel free to share your own personal experience, not anyone else’s.

Consent and boundaries

Everyone is invited to explore Radical Connection at their own pace. Don't assume that people are open to engage in any activity (hugging, doing a workshop exercise), just because you are. Also remember, external behaviors may not always indicate what someone is open to. The only way to know is to simply ASK them before acting. Example: “May I share a hug with you?” If the answer is “yes”, go for it. If the answer is “no”, kindly say “Thanks for being honest!”. Remember, it is quite hard for most people to say “no”. Appreciate them for it!
Every person is responsible for stating their own boundaries, and respecting others’. “No” means “no”. “Maybe” means “no”. Only “Yes” means “yes”.

Deal BReakers

You are implicitly responsible for yourself and your actions. Any behaviour that conflicts with the SoulPlay Festival Guidelines may result in removal from the venue without refund.