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Angi Love

Heart Guide & Love Warrior

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Angi has been teaching trauma informed movement & Yoga since 2016. She identifies as an artist first, since life offers our minds & hearts many opportunities to be creative. She is a curvy, poly, queer, goddess, and has a lot to offer in the realm of acceptance, sensuality and self love in her classes. Her classes are about embracing all body types and finding the balance of ease and strength (whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual). By day she is a CMT in Visionary Craniosacral work.


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Angi Love

BodyLove Yoga

BodyLove is a journey, not a destination. Feeling into your own flow, this all level class gives every participant time to slow down or move faster. Finding balance between what feels easeful, and what needs strengthening is a practice in itself. Let us play and explore! Using self love mantras to nourish that big heart of yours! We will be opening the sacrum, hips and heart to invite your spirit to soar. Please bring your yoga mat, and any props you might need for your unique, beautiful body!

Sensual Yoga

You are a sacred being, come explore sensuality with movement. Feel free to wear something you feel sexy in, or your underwear. This is a sensual class, not sexual! Erotic energy may come up, but that is for you to experience, not for anyone else in the class. Opening our mandibles (making sounds) & some dancing may occur. Feeling into what feels good for all your sacred parts: your heart, your genitals, and your mind/spirit. A class to fill your cup & slow down amongst the energy of SoulPlay.