Ashley Rose Odell

Ashley Rose Odell

Eco-Chaplain and Guide

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Ashley is a trained Eco-Chaplain, supporting people in developing healthy, compassionate, and mutually supportive relationships with their bodies, each other and the natural world through spiritual care and ceremony in nature. She has a counseling background, training in social justice, and somatic and psychedelic healing. Her experience in mindfulness, and meditation is an anchor for spiritual support and understanding. She believes in the healing power of movement, dance, and music.


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Ashley Rose Odell

Body Liberation through Earth Connection

Free yourself from oppressive body ideals through emphasizing relationship to nature using somatic and earth-based practices. Structured to align with the 5 elements, this workshop incorporates dance, ritual, art, self-love, touch, somatic work, nature connection and vulnerable sharing to ground you in your body and integrate with our mother earth.

Medicine Walk

Based in ancient spiritual practice, the medicine walk is a means of connecting to earth and our own sources of support during times of transition or renewal. “Medicine” refers to the inner healer and the restorative power of nature. Intention setting, gratitude to the earth is offered, and a threshold is crossed into time/space that is liminal. Participants allow themselves to be led by the natural world and explore the outdoors. Followed by partner sharing and mirroring for empowerment.