Brittany Kleinschnitz

Brittany Kleinschnitz

Ecotherapist & Spiritual Ecologist

Brittany Kleinschnitz, CSWA is queer, nonbinary Ecotherapist living outside of Portland, OR on ancestral Molalla land. Brittany works at the intersections of ecology, spirituality, and healing traditions. Their modalities of choice include mindfulness, somatic therapy, trauma, and grief work. All of their work centers on the intelligence, aliveness, and beauty of the more-than-human world, and seeks to support folks in "re-membering" their unique place of belonging in the web of life.




Workshops presented by

Brittany Kleinschnitz

Spiritual Bypass vs. Sacred Activism

Spiritual Bypass manifests in the shadow of spirituality, preventing integration of the darker, more painful realities of our personal and collective experiences. This results in one-sided spirituality that perpetuates gaslighting of social issues. In this workshop we’ll explore spiritual bypass on micro and macro levels, toward more holistic and ethical spirituality. Through somatic exercises, partner and group processing, and with compassionate curiosity, we’ll invite our shadows to be seen.