Brittany Kleinschnitz

Brittany Kleinschnitz

Somatic Ecotherapist

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Brittany (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary Clinical Social Work Associate specializing in somatic therapy and ecotherapy. Brittany works at an animal-assisted and ecotherapy group practice outside of Portland, OR and is currently a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training. Brittany provides space for folks to remember their sense of belonging – to themselves, to others, and to the Earth.




Workshops presented by

Brittany Kleinschnitz

Sacred Activism vs. Spiritual Bypass

Sacred Activism requires presence and willingness to engage with discomfort for the alleviation of suffering for all. Spiritual Bypass manifests as unconscious disassociation from the dark realities of worldly pain. Together we'll explore these strategies for facing pain on personal & cultural levels. Through somatic exercises, partner & group processing, and with compassionate curiosity, we'll illuminate our shadows to build more holistic & ethical spirituality for the good of the living world.

Bodies of Water: Collective Grief Circle

This Circle is built for those seeking community to hold collective grief. All wounds are welcome: personal, environmental, and social. Together we will build a grief altar to establish a container for Sharing and Witnessing. We'll split into small talking-circle style groups and engage with prompts that help us explore the qualities of our pain. "To truly and freely grieve as an entire people can revive an entire culture just as much as it can bring back to life an individual." -Martin Prechtel