Dereca Blackmon

Dereca Blackmon

Irreverent Reverend & Diversity Educator

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Badass, Radical Healer, Spiritual Activist, Inclusion Innovator, Irreverent Reverend, Passionate Powerhouse - five+ years as Soulplay's Goddess of Ceremony, five years as Director of Stanford University's Diversity Education Office. Corporate Speaker, Community Organizer. Raised in Detroit, educated at The Farm. Rev. Dereca Blackmon embodies contrast like nobody you know. Her work meets you where you are with pure love & anoints you with a passion to uproot injustice & heal the world.




Workshops presented by

Dereca Blackmon

The Church in Your Heart

Join us in a powerful, prayerful, joyful celebration of our innate divinity. No matter what religion or faith we come from (or none at all) we want to feel the connection to an energy greater than ourselves. How can we heal from the wounds of dogma and xenophobia? What beliefs can liberate, nurture and guide us to the highest vibration for our lives. We will meditate, pray, chant, dance and sing together and engage in a healing ritual that will release us from any shame and blame of the past.