Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

Relationship & Intimacy Educator

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Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates (they/them) is a radical permissionist and pleasure warrior here to help eradicate global toxic sexual shame. They are the creator of The REPAIR Process and passionate about transforming conflict into connection and trust. Phd in Human Sexuality, Trauma-Informed Somatic Sex Educator, Certified Sex Coach, Sexological Bodywork Practitioner, Certified Circling Facilitator, Shadow EFT Practitioner in Training & a Queer Competency Certification. 





Workshops presented by

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

The Art of REPAIR

Fulfilling relationships thrive on our ability to skillfully navigate conflict. Come learn and practice the transformative power of Dr. Hazel-Grace's revered 6-step REPAIR process. Discover the art of repairing conflicts, rebuilding trust, and reuniting in deeper connection. HG & Nico bring levity and play through their personal vulnerable storytelling and interactive guided exercises. You will walk away with tools and skills you can apply right away to all relationships. No partner needed.

Sapphic Sensual Play Party

Calling all femme identifying folks, whether you are non-binary or a leather tomboi Zaddy this is the space for you. You will be guided through a series of heart centered connection exercises focusing on sensual pleasure. We honor the BODY'S wisdom, celebrate asking for your desires, and claim our Yes's and No's. Come receive attention or touch in a way that leaves you feeling yummy and deeply cared for. Combines: Authentic Relating, Somatic Trauma Informed Skills, & Wheel of Consent.