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Dr. Liz

Holistic Physical Therapist

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Since childhood, Dr. Liz McDonald, P.T. explored myriad manual and movement therapies and in 2012 her “420 Yoga” class was featured in The New York Times, Vice, and Yoga Journal. Earning her physical therapy doctorate in 2018, she advanced her training with CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, and more. She now specializes in chronic pain, pediatrics, pelvic floor, and craniofacial healing, creatively infusing holistic interventions with downloads from the plant medicine realm.


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Workshops presented by

Dr. Liz

Sacred Yoni Tour

Open to all with anatomical yonis, participants take a deep dive into their anatomy, and combine restorative yoga, self massage, and creative visualization to release accumulated tension and stale energy. With the intent of shifting from a performative to a therapeutic relationship with our yonis, the focus of this workshop is not pleasure and orgasm, rather opening a healing line of communication with our parts unseen. Wear harem pants or bring a sarong for privacy and lube of choice.

Fingers for Daze

Come one, come all! Put your ten fingers on their highest path by learning to properly navigate a yoni and restore peace in the valley. Described as “a real handful” in BRC Weekly, this workshop is cliterally the way to make the world a better place! Puns are inevitable with this content, so BRING your sense of humor. No nudity here, we'll be using cups to represent the female anatomy.