Emmy Chahal

Emmy Chahal

Yoga Teacher & Intuitive Healer

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Emmy was introduced to yoga as a child, by her mother and grandmother, and has been teaching internationally since 2012. Yoga connects Emmy deeply to her North Indian heritage and she works at the intersections of embodied trauma-healing, culture, wellness, and social justice. Emmy has been blessed to share yoga in a wide variety of contexts from the corporate sector, to universities, studios, and for families. Emmy has also trained in Intuitive Energy Massage and has a BA in Cultural Studies.





Workshops presented by

Emmy Chahal

Yoga for Activating Intuition

Yoga is not just about physical postures - it is a multidimensional ancient spiritual practice aimed to awaken us to our true selves. Emmy will facilitate a hatha yoga class focused on releasing what no longer serves and restoring deep inner awareness and embodied wholeness. We will explore delicious asana, restful meditation, and weave breathwork and movement to activate our intuition. This class will also include guided intuitive writing and the opportunity to share your insights.

Honouring the Roots of Yoga

Yoga as we know it is the result of a 5000+ year tradition that can be traced back to South Asia through archeology and written evidence. Yet why are South Asian voices often missing from yoga studios and yoga festivals? How can we honour the land and people where yoga originates and what does cultural appropriation really mean? Has yoga become a commodity? This workshop will explore these complex topics and include some interactive exercises to explore some of the 8 limbs of yoga.