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Evalena Rose

Alchemy of Love

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Evalena Rose is a skillful intimacy coach, an empathic spiritual counselor. Her Neo-Tantra teachings of 32 years evolved LoveJourney Temple where she guided 6-month intensives and advanced sacred ceremonies. Her deeply spiritual and transformative sessions include MetaTherapy, couple’s counseling, and channeling in Asheville NC and world-wide. Her online Spiritual Mentorship serves advanced practitioners. 45 years practice & study in mind-body therapies, soul retrieval, communication, recovery.





Workshops presented by

Evalena Rose

Radiant Heart Ceremony: Co-creating Sacred Connections

Enjoy playful and deeply fulfilling connections with old friends & delightful new people. Evalena gently guides heart-centered exchanges: undulatory breath practices, soul gazing, sacred touch, erotic dance, & chakra connecting breaths, with boundaries & respect. May be sensual but not sexual, intimate, deeply moving, a quiet drop in or high energy. People say it's fulfilling, enjoyable, nurturing. Deep sacred presence can meet intimacy needs. No partner required – you meet many! Ocytocin rich!

Empath Relationship Challenges: Tools & Skills

Empaths are often challenged in relationships by taking on another’s chaos or pain, which can lead to confusion or murky boundaries. Evalena teaches new skills vital to happiness & personal freedom. In dyads, you experience your current boundaries and ways that better care for your needs. You’ll be guided to create a sovereign field that keeps your body from taking on emotions, imagery techniques to clear toxic energies, and practices that help you clear after intimacy. Boundaries are erotic!