Evelin Molina Dacker M.D.

Evelin Molina Dacker M.D.

Sexual Communication Trailblazer

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Dr. Evelin Molina Dacker is a Mexican-American family doctor passionate about sexual health and holistic wellness. The creator of The STARS Talk, a pioneering framework for safer sex communication that dismantles stigma and empowers individuals to navigate intimacy with confidence. With keen interest in reshaping perspectives on STIs, she challenges societal taboos and misconceptions, viewing our relationship with STIs as a reflection of broader attitudes toward sexuality. MakeTimeForTheTalk.com


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Workshops presented by

Evelin Molina Dacker M.D.

Unlocking Intimacy: The STARS Talk Workshop

Discover the transformative power of The STARS Talk—a groundbreaking approach to fostering intimacy and communication around sexuality. Dive into the nuances of Safety, Turn-ons, Avoids, Relationship intentions, and Sexual health. Through somatic exploration and interactive exercises, master the art of authentic connection and consent, paving the way for deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

DeSTIgmatizing STIs: Embracing Sexual Wellness

Learn to destigmatize STIs and navigate disclosure with confidence. Gain fresh insights on Herpes, HPV, Gonorrhea/Chlamydia, and HIV. Join discussions on stigma-free disclosure practices and have your questions answered in a supportive Q&A session.