Gabriel Diamond

Gabriel Diamond

Empathy Provocateur & Shadow Explorer

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Gabriel is a dancer, filmmaker, facilitator, and experience designer. He has a passion for exploring how blindfolds can be used as a tool for transcending biases, cravings, and aversions ( His work as an artist explores the intersection of activism, street theater, shadow work, and embodiment ( He is a filmmaker by trade, specializing in telling stories of social change leaders globally (




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Gabriel Diamond

Blindfolded Contact

Blindfolded Contact Dance is a safe and gentle experience—great for both beginners and experienced dancers alike. Wearing blindfolds allows dancers to drop the fear and self-judgment that often inhibits spontaneous movement and authentic connection to self and others. These workshops take participants on a journey of somatic self-discovery and non-verbal consent via solo and group exercises before culminating in a freeform blindfolded jam. No late arrivals.

Dance Roulette

Imagine you pull a challenge or prompt randomly from a hat. You dance with that prompt with others, each with their own secret challenge. Each round goes a bit deeper. Everyone having a deeply personal experience in a communal container, leaning into our zone of proximal development, cultivating a field ripe for risk, play, and profound connection. Like sports, you play full on. Like prayer, you surrender control. Like therapy, you’re willing to grow. And like love, do it with an open heart.