James Kapicka

James Kapicka

Embodiment Facilitator & Yoga Teacher

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James Kapicka is a somatic-based movement facilitator, Thai massage practitioner and stand-up comic with a passion for bringing people together to laugh, learn and play. Through sincere and heartfelt guidance, James creates an environment that empowers students to trust their intuition and listen to their heart. His approach promotes curiosity, creative play and authentic expression, and allows for a deeply resonant relationship with self, others and our planet.





Workshops presented by

James Kapicka

Yin-Thai Massage Ritual

Treat yourself to an experience that's as delicious as it is transformative & indulge in this blissful journey of expansive breathwork, playful connections & intuitive touch. We will co-create a compassionate & nurturing environment to access profound levels of trust, intimacy & mutual relaxation. Whether you're looking to deepen your bond with a loved one or connect more fully with others, this ritual will leave you feeling deeply connected & utterly rejuvenated.

Self Love - A Yin Yoga Ritual

Explore your practice as relational, rather than postural, with somatic inroads to merge your conscious awareness with your body temple. This tantric practice is an invitation to weave together the many layers of your being into a harmonious whole. By acknowledging your worthiness & sovereignty, your light shines on the deepest, shadowy parts of yourself, allowing love into previously unloved parts.