Jennifer Holland

Jennifer Holland

Somatic Sensuality Guide

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Jennifer Holland is a trauma informed facilitator with over 20 years of multidisciplinary health, wellness, and somatic education and experience. She is a lifelong dancer and passionate about educating on the topics of embodiment, sensuality, pleasure, and the importance of holistic rituals that support daily peace, joy, and pleasure that connects us to our divinity. DRIPP is her main teaching methodology which is based in breathwork, sensual movement, self touch and massage, and curiosity.


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Jennifer Holland

DRIPP: Sensual Embodiment & Pleasure Play

Learning to create a framework of safety for ourselves gives us space and permission to be curious about our own sensational abilities and how we like to feel, express, and radiate. This practice leans on principles from mindfulness, yoga, myofascial release/massage, sensual movement, and burlesque as an avenue to self devotion, boundaries, and consent. A flow sequence will be provided with encouragement for free flow and authentic expression. Invitation to adorn yourself and feel sexy.

DRIPP Primal Play

Get ready to stomp, shake, roar, twerk, and unleash our wildness and witness our ferocious and feral impulses. Suggested flows and techniques will be shared as a way to get us out of our heads and into our bodies utilizing fiery breathwork, loving self touch, and somatic rhythms and patterns of primal movements and poses. Class begins grounded in stillness and & builds in intensity. Feel free to bring any drums or percussion instruments and dress in clothing that supports you feeling wild.