Jivan Dicovski

Jivan Dicovski

Life Mentor & Medicine Guide

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Jivan Dicovski is a Life Mentor, Medicine Guide, and a Sound Healer. He has been leading different modalities of group processing at Harbin HotSprings , men’s groups (MKP) and medicine integration circles for the last 10 years. His unique approach which is based on a combination of somatic and trauma informed practice (as a graduate of CI intensive program of Dr. Gabor Mate) helped hundreds of clients achieve significant breakthroughs that led to happier and more fulfilling lives.





Workshops presented by

Jivan Dicovski

Gong SoundBath

Gong Sound bath therapy can significantly alter brain waves, changing agitated wave patterns to exceptionally calm wave forms. As our brain waves slow down, we shift from an active state to a more relaxed, dreamlike state. All this will create an opportunity to: quiet the mind, decrease stress and anxiety, improve sleep, release physical and emotional pain, allowing the body, mind and spirit to move into a greater state of balance, peace and well-being.

Journey to the Inner Sanctum

We will co create a sense of safety and intimacy for individuals within the container of SoulPlay. Using EMDR techniques to regulate people’s nervous systems , before venturing into small group connection - Participants will be offered multiple prompts for sharing and dropping in. This will create a Love and Intimacy container that people will be able to take with them into the rest of the festival. We will conclude with self-love practice to send everyone on their way feeling connected and safe