John Delaplaine

John Delaplaine

Somatic Guide & Aquatic Facilitator

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John has dedicated much of the last 20+ years to exploring intimate human connection & expanded states of human awareness & consciousness. Through those pursuits he has become very passionate about creating sacred spaces, containers, & experiences based on various energetic, shamanic, & somatic practices that make it possible for you to have deep, meaningful, & often life-changing connections with self, Source, & other. Over the years, water has become a primary container for much of his work.




Workshops presented by

John Delaplaine

Liquid Contact ~ A Warm Water Jam

Come take a dip in the pool for Liquid Contact with John & Merrick! Together we’ll immerse ourselves in deep presence and fluid surrender, diving into the art of listening and mutual attunement in warm waters. Through platonic and joyful intimacy, we’ll gradually release layers, play, and open up to the water as a loving guide. All are welcome, seasoned water creatures and first-timers, to experience this otherworldly zero-gravity container of connection and exploration.