John Delaplaine

John Delaplaine

Somatic Guide & Facilitator

John has dedicated much of the last 20+ years to exploring intimate human connection & expanded states of human awareness & consciousness. Through those pursuits he has become very passionate about creating sacred spaces, containers, & experiences based on various energetic, shamanic, & somatic practices that make it possible for you to have deep, meaningful, & often life-changing connections with self, Source, & other. Over the years, water has become a primary container for much of his work.




Workshops presented by

John Delaplaine

Liquid Contact ~ A Warm Water Jam

Dive deep into connection, presence, & somatic communication as we explore the various configurations of Self, Other, & We. Through authentic expression, listening, & acute awareness we will explore platonic intimacy in warm waters embrace. While using suggestions & boundaries to bring you into a place of consent, deepened trust, surrender, & playfulness. Expect epic soundtracks both above & underwater in a womb temperature pool.