Kimberly Han

Kimberly Han

Connection & Relationship Facilitator

Kim used to teach tango all over the world. Since then, she's worked in tech, built several 1000+ person communities, experienced heartbreak, and wept and danced to the sunset every day for 9 months. Kim also started “The Parent Project,” helping adult children build better relationships with their parents. She also runs GriefDance in Boulder where she also teaches multi-day boundaries workshops, and coaches community builders, tech execs, and entrepreneurs.


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Kimberly Han

The Art of Almost Kissing

There's a certain deliciousness when a kiss is prolonged. The sweet, sweet longing and exploration can be deepened when you know you won't kiss someone, but ALMOST. Come explore the magic and electricity that playing with the edges can bring! Past participants have found the Almost-Kiss to be a huge part of connecting with romantic and non-romantic strangers at festivals, Burning Man, and ISTAs.

Qigong + Partner Movement

We'll begin with a poetic Qigong form to prime ourselves emotionally, physically, and artistically. You'll get to experience a coming into your bodies with archetypal poses which you'll be able to draw from after this workshop. Then, we'll transition into partner movement practices that involve deep listening, attunement, and increasing body awareness. This activity can sometimes feel like a meditation and a workout. Partners will rotate periodically.