Kimberly Han

Kimberly Han

Connection and Movement Facilitator

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Kim is enamored by the ""space in between."" Be it space between knowing and not knowing, bodies and other bodies/the ground, the emotional and analytical...or the space between light and shadow, Kim has explored her curiosity of connection for decades. Kim dedicated half her adult life to a career in teaching/performing Argentine Tango before entering the worlds of technology, community building, and coaching. She's scaled multiple communities internationally and LOVES to nerd out!


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Kimberly Han

The Art of Almost Kissing

There's a certain deliciousness when a kiss is prolonged. The sweet, sweet longing and exploration can be deepened when you know you won't kiss someone, but ALMOST. Come explore the magic and electricity that playing with the edges can bring! You'll get a chance to give and receive rejection gracefully, ask for what you want, and explore connection with others. No partner necessary, and no kissing allowed. Please arrive early or on time, as this workshop is capped.

Poetry and Pose - a Qigong-inspired workshop

This workshop brings you through archetypes or life themes you can embody that can become somatic bookmarks for you to remember throughout your day. Themes can include hope, determination, confidence, contentment, innocence, life/death, shadow/light, and setting boundaries, and a connection to nature. The movement meditation is a mostly solo practice, and will end with a cozy ""hangout discussion (feel free to bring snacks to share)"" after the shared experience.